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3 Examples of AI for HR in 2019

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3 Examples of AI for HR in 2019

There are several reasons why investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) increased to a massive $40 billion as of 2017; it’s getting to the point where it’s increasingly difficult to perform certain tasks without it, particularly for HR professionals. And, no matter a company’s location, AI applications are making HR roles in global business more streamlined.


Three Examples of Popular AI Applications for HR Professionals

One of many examples of AI for HR in action is Palatine Analytics, a tool designed to provide HR managers with the resources they need to gain complete visibility into their workforce. Not only do they have real-time insight into employee performance down to a granular level, but they can also easily select the right candidates who are ripe for a promotion, and can identify certain inclusion issues that would have otherwise gone undiscovered.

Koru is another example. Koru uses artificial intelligence to track the types of credentials a potential applicant has, along with their qualities and experiences over the long-term. The end result isn’t just a system that helps HR professionals do a better job of matching candidates to available jobs; it helps both candidates and their potential employers guarantee that they’re an appropriate fit for one another by using available data to “recommend” ideal matches for a given position.

A final example of artificial intelligence in HR is Spoke, a tool designed to automate many of the menial tasks HR professionals perform so they’re free to focus their time and energy on more pressing matters. Spoke is a system called an AI service desk, which essentially acts as a way for employees to get answers to important-yet-routine questions so that HR professionals no longer have to focus so much time on them. In short, an employee asks a question, and Spoke offers up the correct response without interrupting the HR professional. If Spoke doesn’t know the answer, a request is automatically assigned to the right team and that answer is eventually provided. Through this process, Spoke actually becomes more intelligent (and helpful) as time goes on.

AI for HR is Expanding—And That’s a Boost for Globally Expanding Companies

There are many examples of how artificial intelligence is already making its presence known and optimizing human resources professionals’ roles around the world. It’s easy to see how these types of systems could prove invaluable for organizations that are in the process of global expansion; many of the mundane, infrastructure-related tasks associated with global expansion may soon be offloaded to these and other types of systems that can effortlessly handle them with the confidence and accuracy of an actual employee.

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