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Reader Request – Are You in Need of Global Consulting Help?

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Reader Request - Are You in Need of Global Consulting Help?

Are you in need of Global Consulting help?  Do you ever wonder who on earth (no pun intended) you should call when dealing with cross-border issues?  In this post, we are trying something new and are calling it a “Reader Request.”  We want to hear what you have to say and what resources you have used in the past. But first…

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Let me begin by telling a quick story of our own.

Recently we ran across a situation where a foreign national came to the US to do a short-term 1099-type contract while on their way to the ultimate stop in a third country location.  Upon arriving at that third location they would be employed as a full-time employee under our FSaaS model including work permit sponsorship.

What started out as a relatively simple question of “what withholdings, if any, do we need for this individual since they are a 1099 Contractor” quickly turned into an in-depth exploration of cross-border immigration/contractor/tax complexity. Our usual Advisors were very helpful in pulling pieces together. But, the intricacies of this particular case were so involved that no one had the perfect answer. Ultimately we had to cobble together the variety of opinions and make our best determination given the totality of facts presented.

It seemed ironic that a company such as ours would be stumped…  After all, we consider ourselves some of the foremost experts on global and cross-border employment situations.

So it made me wonder what other companies and professionals do for Global Consulting advice?

The easy answer is to engage your lawyers, your accountants, and any friends who may have encountered the same issue as what you’re currently facing. But if that still leads to open questions… what do you do next?

I’d love to hear what advice you have. If you’ve had some clever ways to solve this challenge write a sentence or two below in the comments. We want to learn from your experience.  We will continue to update this post with the best answers.

Thank you!


Ben Wright

CEO – Velocity Global

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