Choosing the Right Global Expansion Partner – Webinar

By August 4, 2017Webinars
Choosing the Right Global Expansion Partner Webinar

International expansion gives businesses the opportunity to add new revenue streams and take advantage of opportunities in the global marketplace. As more companies consider their options for going global, many look into forging partnerships with experts in global expansion solutions. Choosing the right global expansion partner can help companies better navigate foreign markets as they increase their global footprint.

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When it comes to selecting a partner for global growth, companies need to look into all of their options in order to determine the best global partnership for their needs. As the leading experts in global expansion, Velocity Global, along with Blue Marble Payroll, hosted a webinar on Wednesday, July 25 in order to help companies understand what to look for in their global partnerships.

Choosing the Right Global Expansion Partner – Adapting Agile

In the webinar, Velocity Global’s Director of Sales, Rob Wellner, discussed the ways companies can adapt agile methods to help fuel their expansion. He began by going over common challenges companies face when going global. These included the need to move quickly in order to hire top-quality candidates and the lack of experience in foreign markets. He went on to explain how many companies run into obstacles when they are unable to maintain a lean, agile approach. The inability to stay flexible, he emphasized, makes it harder for companies to find success in foreign markets, as they are unable to adapt to change and keep up with compliance regulations.

From there, he discussed what agile means for business expansion. Agile, in terms of global expansion, is a practice where businesses focus on improving efficiency by keeping a light footprint as they enter new countries in order to determine the potential for long-term success. He concluded his part by showcasing how to select a global expansion partner can help companies maintain an agile approach.

Choosing the Right Global Expansion Partner – Leveraging Technology

Following that, Blue Marble’s SVP of Sales and Marketing, Victor Lobo, discussed how companies can leverage technology to help with their global expansion. He explained how innovative solutions are changing the way companies do business in foreign markets, enabling more growth and streamlining processes.

In the next section, he explained different types of expansion into foreign markets. He illustrated how each option benefits a company based on its reasons for entering new foreign markets. Then he talked about the options available to companies based on tax considerations and how much companies plan to commit to a foreign market. Victor Lobo concluded the presentation by reiterating the importance of choosing the right partner to fuel global expansion.

Your company has a lot to consider when going global. From selecting the right market to teaming up with experts who offer the ideal solution, you need to explore all options available to you during global expansion. If your company is considering going global, our latest webinar with Blue Marble Global Payroll can help you discover all your options and show you how the right partner can make all the difference to your global expansion.

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