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Colorado Startups to Watch in 2016 – Velocity Global Makes BuiltIn’s Top 50 List

By January 27, 2016August 30th, 2022No Comments
Colorado Startups to Watch - Velocity Global in Top 50

January 26, 2016 –  Velocity Global is honored to be one of the top 50 Colorado startups to watch. Each Year, Built In compiles a list of 50 Colorado startups to watch. Built In is known for keeping the local startup communities of Austin, Chicago, Denver/Boulder, Los Angeles, and New York City connected and informed.  They are thought leaders and establishers of credibility in each of those locales.

Here is an opening snippet from the award by Built In:

“Colorado tech is booming. A lot of growth is being driven by the small, innovative companies that Colorado seems to have an uncanny ability to foster. While the state is home to its fair share of large tech companies, it is these smaller companies that will be the next big thing.

Just like last year, we’ve picked 50 startups we think are worth watching. To be included in our list, companies had to be digital tech-centered and founded within the last five years.”

Velocity Global is honored to be part of the tech and startup community.

As compared to San Francisco, startups and tech in Colorado are on the younger side. However, they are rapidly maturing into a vibrant industry with an incredible community.  Founded in 2014, Velocity Global allows many of these smaller companies to gain access to operations and hiring ability in countries that would have been too much burden for their limited resources or far too risky.  We appreciate how smaller companies are rapidly propelling themselves forward by using the sharing economy and we facilitate this process for international expansion.  For more details on our services please visit our Services Page here.

This year Velocity Global is expanding its internal business operations into several new continents.  We continuing to provide exceptional service to companies who need fast international expansion.  “We are Global Expansion 2.0.”

You can see the whole story and the other nominated companies on Built In Colorado’s website here.

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