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Hiring International Employees, Contractors, and Expatriation – Podcast With Globig

Hiring International Employees, Contractors, and Expatriation - Podcast With Globig

Recently, the CEO of Velocity Global, Ben Wright, was interviewed on a podcast with international expansion thought leader and facilitator Globig on hiring international employees, contractors, and expatriation.  On this podcast Ben and Founder CEO of Globig, Anke Corbin,  address employment alternatives in different countries, the differences between contractors and employees, things to watch for, risks of non-compliance, and how to set up your team faster and cheaper when going abroad.

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Some other topics on hiring international employees in this podcast:

  • Tax advantages
  • Types of international remuneration
  • Equity 
  • Talent acquisition 
  • Easiest and hardest countries to work in
  • Terminations 
  • Methods (International PEO, FSaaS, and Foreign Subsidiary)
  • Theories/Philosophies and More

The conversation in this podcast covers many topics and is a very comprehensive piece of audio content we have to offer to date.  You can listen to the podcast in full here:

“(International expansion) …Get it right the first time, it’s really not about the marriage, it’s about the divorce.”

-Ben Wright

If you have any more questions about hiring international employees, please do not hesitate to ask, we are happy to help.

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