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How AI Has Changed 3 Major Industries—
and What That Means for Global Expansion

By August 5, 2019September 30th, 2020No Comments
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Over the last few years, artificial intelligence has made an enormous impact on the world in virtually every industry. But one of those areas that has received relatively little attention is how AI has impacted businesses that are in a state of flux—the ones that are in the process of global expansion as this new subset of technology continues to take hold.

In a relatively short amount of time, AI has changed much of how global business is conducted and its apps are increasingly utilized by human resources departments, organizational leaders, and educational institutions around the world. But looking at three major industries in particular cannot only help create insight into how AI has advanced, but can also shed light on how it will continue to play a role in terms of impacting global expansion, too.

Information Technologies and Global Expansion

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the biggest area that artificial intelligence has impacted is the information technology sector. It’s always been critical for organizations to make sure their IT strategies align with the bigger picture, but it is now possible to guarantee that this is true while in the process of expanding overseas. AI can even be used to strengthen and empower human resources departments, ensuring that they’re looking in the right places for the right people to fill the right jobs during this time. AI can also assist in significant gains in other areas, too, including quality assurance, server optimization, and the creation of more secure systems during a naturally fluid time in an organization’s lifecycle.

AI and Manufacturing

Another major benefactor of artificial intelligence’s rise to prominence has been the manufacturing sector—one that has already changed (and is projected to continue doing so) in a variety of ways. Artificial intelligence can benefit organizations that are either in or rely heavily on this sector to construct their products in virtually any capacity. This alone can help businesses cut costs if the market into which they are expanding offers cheaper, more automated manufacturing facilities than those in their domestic market.

Artificial intelligence has helped further create an environment where 24/7/365 production is commonplace, as any job that can be automated will be, thus allowing for the significant expansion of production capabilities. Likewise, AI has made factory floors across the globe safer; remote access control brings with it a significant reduction in human resources for dangerous situations in particular.

All of this brings with it the most important benefit of all: freeing up the valuable time of actual human employees so that they can focus all of their attention on those tasks that actually require them.

Supply Chain Management

Of course, AI’s impact on the manufacturing sector hardly exists in a silo; any gains made there naturally bleed out into a variety of related areas, with supply chain management chief among them. Algorithm advancements over the years, for example, have allowed for the detection of patterns and trends that would have otherwise gone undiscovered. This has created an environment where AI not only provides the real-time knowledge needed to reduce operations costs (not to mention inventory) as quickly as possible, but to respond to clients faster as well.

Make AI and an Experienced Partner Central to your Global Expansion

AI has also permanently altered the way many industries operate—including how businesses expand overseas. But no matter how rapidly AI advances, it is no substitute for taking on global markets with an experienced expansion partner at your side.

Through our International PEO (Professional Employer Organization) solution, Velocity Global has helped hundreds of companies expand overseas. And, with global expansion capabilities in more than 185 countries, we can help your organization establish a presence virtually anywhere.

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