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How Biological Engineer and Entrepreneur Geoffrey von Maltzahn Creates Groundbreaking Companies

By March 16, 2022August 24th, 2022No Comments
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Geoffrey von Maltzahn is a biological engineer and serial entrepreneur whose innovative life sciences companies represent over $10 billion in public and private market capitalization. Geoffrey is also an inventor who holds more than 200 patents and patent applications. His inventions have received international recognition from the World Economic Forum, Forbes, and Bloomberg.

We recently spoke with Geoffrey on the Forge Ahead podcast about defining your standards, being patient in the search for good talent, and striving for excellence.

1. Define Your Standards

If you’re a pioneer in your field, the traditional rules don’t apply to you. Geoffrey recommends defining your standards to create something truly unique and unconventional. You can’t create an innovative path forward if you only follow past guidelines.

As Geoffrey reflects on past innovations in biotechnology, he says, “the most impactful companies haven’t been started yet.” New or upcoming startups can potentially change the technological or scientific rules of a given category.

Geoffrey teaches us that forging your path means challenging the status quo and defining success for yourself. Doing so requires courage and determination to make something extraordinary.

2. Be Patient in Your Search for Good Talent

Spend time finding dynamic people with the right skill set for your work. Even though it may be time-consuming and laborious, hiring the right people will lead to a mutually beneficial employment relationship, which is an essential ingredient for long-term success.

Geoffrey says good talent is hard to find. Many talented people are open to different opportunities, meaning they have multiple employment options. Geoffrey recommends patiently staying the course in the hiring process. If you have a clearly defined role and an authentic company mission, the right talent will find the job in due course.

We learn from Geoffrey that eventually, the stars will align. You’ll find a perfect candidate for the role who also believes in your company’s mission and values. Together, you’ll grow your business and develop a special employer-employee relationship that benefits both parties.

3. Strive for Excellence

What endeavors will you be proudest of in the future? Weigh each idea and pick only the ones that could lead to greatness. Then, follow through with the most promising ideas by assembling a team to make your vision a reality.

Geoffrey says the origin of everything he has worked on reflects his ambition for excellence. He says he constantly scrutinizes whether an idea has the potential for greatness and only pursues projects that he’ll be proud of in the future.

What can we learn from Geoffrey? Set exceptional standards, analyze every opportunity for its worthiness, and pursue only the ideas that could lead to your highest potential.

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