How to Avoid AI Bias when Hiring for a Global Expansion

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed (and will continue to change) how HR professionals hire talent both global and domestic talent. It streamlines the process of sifting through dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) of resumes, provides clearer data, and can help find the ideal candidate faster. But for all of AI’s breakthroughs, it still has its issues. And, just like humans, AI has its biases. But there are ways to avoid AI bias when hiring for a global expansion.


Bad Data in, Bad Data Out: Avoid AI Bias with Additional Training

AI can solve many problems, but it can’t solve all problems—at least not yet. AI applications change and are updated so quickly that, for organizations that need to hire quickly and in many locations, HR professionals and their teams may have little time to familiarize themselves with the software before using it. If there are kinks in the software—many of which have been documented—then teams need to be well-versed enough in the software to recognize these issues. While this may seem obvious, it’s worth noting that additional training may be necessary for teams that have near-zero experience with any AI software; applications vary wildly, and each organization may use the same software differently. Developing robust training as part of an AI implementation plan can mean the difference in finding and missing the best candidates.

Avoid AI Bias with. . . More AI

It may sound counterintuitive, but to avoid AI bias in hiring, additional tools to illuminate and eliminate biases may be needed. Blendoor, a tool that combs resumes for data that have the potential to produce algorithmic biases, attempts this. The idea is that Blendoor’s filters provides hiring personnel a more diverse talent pool, and unearths the best candidates independent of ethnicity or gender.

And while HR professionals can get a better sense of candidates’ experience, qualifications, and personality through interviews, in-person interviews can also expose biases. But there are now AI apps for that. AI chatbot Mya is another tool recruiters are beginning to use at the early stages of the interview process. Mya engages candidates through conversation—literally a Q&A session used to determine whether or not a potential candidate is qualified. This allows recruiters to avoid personal biases and focus solely on qualifications through responses. They can then use the information gleaned from Mya to decide whether or not to continue moving forward with that candidate.

No Matter Where or How You Hire, Grow Your Global Team with an Experienced Partner

Companies of all sectors and sizes can use AI applications to streamline their hiring process. But to ensure those applications are bringing in the best candidates without bias is essential. This can (and will likely continue to) be a challenge for both HR professionals and developers. But with the right training, awareness, and ability to learn from biases and hiring errors, AI for hiring can only improve.

While avoiding AI bias in hiring is essential for all organizations, it is particularly important for companies that are expanding overseas; just by nature of global expansion, exploring diverse talent pools is unavoidable—and that’s a good thing. However, this can reveal hidden biases. And that’s where the powerful potential of these and other AI hiring apps can have the most impact: objectively sifting through the dozens or thousands of candidates to produce a shortlist of the most-qualified.

Even with the most powerful AI tools, it still comes down to the most important element behind running a business: the people. A global expansion is an exciting time for any business, but it can also be a challenging process—and that’s why having an experienced team on your side to complement your AI hiring efforts is important. Velocity Global has helped hundreds of companies around the world expand into new markets by helping them source and hire top talent. Through our International PEO (Professional Employer Organization) solution and capabilities in more than 185 countries, we enable companies to hire in virtually any market, and provide them with the support they need to confidently pursue their global expansion endeavors.

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