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How to Find and Hire the Best International Employees

By September 8, 2016March 24th, 2023No Comments
How to Find and Hire the Best International Employees

During the planning of your new market strategy, it’s important to weigh in on recruiting and hiring international employees. Entering a global environment is an exciting opportunity for businesses to grow on an entirely different level, but success can only be fully realized with a solid international team. We want your business to succeed on all levels during your overseas expansion, so we put together advice on how to onboard top talent in a global market.


Recruiting International Employees

The first step in finding employees overseas is developing a plan. This plan should include desirable attributes for your new team member along with a clearly identified job description. Develop a plan for each position to ensure you’re attracting people that are right for your company’s job opening.

Once your plan is in place, you’ll start to seek applicants actively. Sifting through piles of applications is a daunting task that no one on your staff wants to manage. It’s also rather ineffective. You’re ultimately trusting a piece of paper, and it could very well be inaccurate. Consider putting candidates that meet your requirements through a pre-hire assessment before bringing them in for an interview. Assessments quickly and efficiently weed out candidates that won’t make the cut. It also presents wasted time sifting through resumes. Assessments and applicant stacks are available digitally, which makes your job even easier.

Throughout your entire recruiting process, keep a strong focus on your company culture. You always want to put your current employees first. Researchers tend to agree that the best way to hire and keep talent onboard is by creating a corporate culture that attracts top talent. This isn’t a difficult task. By treating employees with respect and giving them a place to thrive, they will want to work for your team.

When it comes to your current team, use them as assets during the hiring process. Interview them to see what attracted them to work for your company and use their advice in your hiring strategy. Also, consider sending them abroad to help recruit talent. One of the most effective methods for hiring new people is through employee recommendations. These team members are typically more loyal and easier to onboard.

You can also work directly with an in-country partner and tap into their resources to find new talent. Also, consider working with a local HR team that has access to qualified candidates and can manage the entire hiring process for you.

Risk Averse Methods for Hiring International Employees

A common misconception about global expansion is assuming that if you’re successful in the States, you’ll definitely be successful overseas. It’s our goal to make this concept a reality through tools to keep companies compliant.

If your business is entering a new market and looking to hire international employees, you’ll need a legal presence to manage proper taxation and withholdings. Of course, these requirements vary by country and are complicated. Frankly, unless you have a labor law expert on your team for your new country, we suggest working with an in-country expert to onboard employees.

There are two options including International Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Foreign Subsidiary as a Service (FSaaS) that help companies navigate the hiring process. These employer of record solutions are essentially third-party companies that hire employees in your target country on your behalf. Also, an EOR manages the responsibilities associated with international employment. As the business, you’re still responsible for daily management responsibilities and employee liabilities, which leaves control in your hands.

International PEO and FSaaS prevent companies from establishing costly and timely foreign subsidiaries in a country while still creating a legal presence. As a result, employers are covered for liabilities and employee-based risks. In addition to compliance requirements like taxation, social security, and benefits withholdings, these Employer of Record services manage international payroll.


These services are our specialty here at Velocity Global, and we’d love to help you understand them better. Call and talk to one of our specialists to get a complete breakdown of how an employer of record service can help with your international expansion plan.