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Human Resources Outsourcing – Top 8 Reasons It Can Help Your Business

By January 14, 2016January 18th, 2018No Comments
Human Resources Outsourcing

Human Resources Outsourcing – Top 8 reasons it can help your business

We’ve all heard the old adage: “Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest”.  Once upon a time such a concept would be frowned upon but in today’s business world this philosophy is increasingly adopted by companies – small, midsize, and enterprise alike.  HR is a discipline that falls under this category, so we’re going to focus on how outsourcing HR can help your business specifically.  While our focus is international, these concepts are every bit as applicable in your home country – wherever “home” may be.

8. Independence

Using an outsourced HR department can keep an arm’s length distance between HR and your employees.  They can still serve the employees as you’d expect an internal HR department to do, but the separate entities allows for an element of distance/independence that may not be possible when you all sit in the same office and drink at the same water cooler.

7. Experience

Outsourced HR departments have the benefit of seeing many different HR-related situations across their multiple clients.  What may seem off the wall to you may actually be somewhat common across companies, and your chosen outsourced HR company with a cadre of clients has seen it all (or almost all).

6. On-Demand

At certain times (during the year, or through the different stages of a company’s life cycle) your Human Resource needs will be heavier than others.  Why not take a page from the old just-in-time concept and add resources only when you need them most?

5. Access to Technical Resources

HROs all have subscriptions to knowledge management databases, trade publications, legal resources, and other third-party repositories that make them smarter… and serve you better.

4. Diversified Skill Sets

Hiring an outsourced team often means you get access to a diversity of skill sets and experiences.  When you hire a senior HR resource in-house, you get just that – one person.  When you hire an outside party to support your efforts, most larger organizations have multiple consultants with a more diversified set of skills and experiences.  

3. Customer Service Mindset

Professional service organizations should be hyper-focused on customer satisfaction, as opposed to keeping up with the internal politics or their own personal career paths.  

2. Proactive Compliance

The best way to avoid future employment challenges is to protect yourself up front.  See a previous blog post on this topic specifically.  

1. Local Business Climate/Culture Familiarity (for international employment matters)

Forget about the regulations for a minute and think about what is culturally accepted.  You won’t find anything in regulatory language in Colombia about visiting a candidate’s home, but ask most Colombians and they’ll say that their future employer often schedules a “home visit” before finalizing the employment agreement.  Or the fact that in Belarus, the most important holiday is Kupalle where people stay up all night to swim in the rivers, jump through fire pits, and dance – overlooking this very important holiday could be quite offensive to your employees there.  
We know some great HR resources, so if you have specific needs please feel free to reach out and we’ll try to help.  Of course if you need help with global Human Resources, we’re at your service.