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What Does It Mean To Be A Global Citizen?

By October 30, 2017 October 31st, 2017 No Comments
What does it mean to be a global citizen?

 At this very moment I am descending into Cancun International Airport; a short layover on my way to Bogota.  Beyond the outskirts of Cancun is a dense forest cut by the occasional dirt road.  The forest is so thick that the only cost-effective way to clear land for use is controlled burns, of which dozens dot the green countryside.  Slowly structures appear in the form of plant-infested concrete walls, yards overflowing with old cars and equipment, and even homes with pools.  We are miles away from Cancun, and yet steamrollers lay new dirt roads with relative precision – a new “development” is underway.

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In the last year, I’ve traveled to eight U.S. states, from New York City to unincorporated Montana and everything in between.  I’ve also traveled to eight countries on three continents including Cuba.  Though the differences are many I’m struck by the commonality that we are all global citizens. Air travel, e-commerce, and rapidly evolving communication platforms have allowed interconnectivity across much of today’s world and local economics can be drastically impacted by global forces.  While I am no expert on the history of Cancun, it seems highly plausible that the continued growth and economic prosperity of Americans drive the agglomeration of a former fishing village in the corner of Mexico.

One can be a global citizen in many ways but global commerce has a long-lasting impact in far reaches of the globe, particularly the free flow of funds.  International employment provides a truly unique opportunity to fund local consumers directly, as demonstrated by the rural expansion around Cancun.  We feel deeply connected to this concept at Velocity Global since we allow companies to hire anywhere in the world earlier than they would have otherwise and at a lower cost.  I take serious pride in the fact that we are playing a small part in funding employment growth both locally and in local markets across the globe.

We must never take this responsibility lightly, or lose focus on our heavy responsibility to make a difference everywhere.  This goes for our colleagues at Velocity Global, but also for every one of us as global citizens. For we are not just citizens of our neighborhood, city, state or country… we are global citizens and our uplifting actions lift people everywhere.

Ben Wright, Velocity Global CEO