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Overview of The State of Global
Expansion 2019 Report: Tech Industry

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Overview of The State of Global Expansion 2019 Report: Tech Industry

Today, an increasing number of U.S. and UK tech companies are looking to overseas markets to grow their influence—although substantial challenges can be expected. To gain greater insight into these tech companies’ goals, challenges, and expectations, Velocity Global commissioned an independent research study that surveyed 500 U.S. and 500 UK decision-makers whose IT, software, hardware, and technology companies employ between 50 and 1,000 workers. Each respondent holds a director-level position or higher, in either a business development or management, finance, HR, legal, or operations role.

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What Readers Will Learn from The State of Global Expansion Report

A majority of decision-makers in both the U.S. and UK have plans to expand their businesses overseas. However, a range of goals, timelines, challenges, and concerns are expressed. Further, the Report includes highlights from a roundtable debate between seven U.S. and UK tech professionals and business thought leaders, expounding many of the challenges companies face when expanding globally—and strategies for overcoming these challenges. Readers will find valuable insight into:

  • Why many U.S. and UK respondents plan to expand overseas
  • Key target global expansion locations
  • Challenges when sourcing and hiring qualified global talent
  • Decision-makers’ five-year plans/goals
  • Why some business leaders are not currently considering global expansion

Reach out to us today if you’d like more information about the Report, or how Velocity Global’s full suite of global expansion services has changed the way companies expand overseas.

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