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These are the Global Markets
Investing the Most in AI and Automation, Part Two

By July 2, 2019September 29th, 2022No Comments
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Businesses around the globe are already implementing a number AI technologies, as human resources departments alone leverage it to do everything from making candidate sourcing finding the right person for the right position in the fastest way possible.

Indeed, there are many markets right now that are investing heavily in AI and automation, and they’ve already begun to see a significant return on investment. But the truth is, the window for AI competitive differentiation, in particular, is already closing. In a few years, simply using AI in the workplace won’t be enough to stand out from the crowd: it’s how organizations use these advancements that will likely mean the difference between success and struggle over the coming decade. With that in mind, a number of countries are approaching (and embracing!) AI and automation in innovative ways.


The Evolution of AI and Automation: A Continuing Journey

Three countries that business leaders should be watching carefully with regards to how they’re approaching AI and automation include Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. Each has not only gone “all in” on one of the most exciting tech trends of the 21st century, but remains among the top markets for globally expanding tech companies because of it. And, of course, a host of other factors.)

Germany, for example, is planning to invest a massive €3 billion into AI research between now and the end of 2025. It’s currently in the process of implementing a national artificial intelligence strategy, appropriately dubbed “AI Made in Germany.” It’s confident that it will not only expand the country’s economy, but that it will also further improve its competitiveness in established industries as well. The German government predicts that AI will add nearly €32 billion to its manufacturing output alone—more than ten times its initial investment.

France, in particular, sees AI as a way to empower its collective workforce. AI will be used as a mechanism to align the country’s resources around its existing talent, giving organizational leaders and (even government officials) an outlet to address ethical issues, to enhance specific sectors of the country’s economy, and more. But this particular return on investment runs deeper than just euros; most of the early adopters in France already agree that artificial intelligence will empower its people to work “smarter, not harder,” all while enabling a more collaborative working partnership as well.

The UK government has already pledged £1 billion worth of support for AI-based applications in various industries and research fields. Many in the country believe that AI will be of critical importance not only in its long-term economic forecasts, but in near-term success as well. The United Kingdom has the highest number of people who expect to increase their investment in AI more than 10% next year alone. Some organizations are already feeling the pressure to move faster and double down on AI and automation in the near term—a pressure that isn’t necessarily bad to be under.

The Future of AI has Much Uncertainty. Your Global Expansion Plans Should Not.

There’s no question that AI and automation will continue to reshape virtually all industries, even if the total impact has been notoriously difficult to predict. But even with the uncertainty surrounding AI and automation’s economic, societal, and political impact, there’s also no question that this uncertainty can cause organizations to give pause to their global expansion plans—but it doesn’t have to.

For organizations eyeing Germany, France, and the UK as contenders for global expansion destinations, teaming up with an experienced expansion partner can clear some uncertainty by providing an agile expansion (and exit) solution. Velocity Global’s International Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solution, also known as Global Employer of Record, enables companies to hire virtually anywhere in as few as 48 hours. Velocity Global becomes your Employer of Record (EOR), hiring on your behalf, so you can remain focused on getting to know your new market—and so you can devote the maximum amount of your time towards AI differentiation and growing your business both at home and abroad.

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