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Top 5 Expat Cities to Have on Your Radar in 2017

By May 31, 2017March 22nd, 2023No Comments
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Globalization is the breakdown of political and geographical borders in order to increase economic and trade opportunities across the globe. As companies aim for a global approach, they often turn to expat employment to help them gain a presence in a new territory.

When looking to employ expatriates, companies often turn to cities that are known for making the transition easier for expats. Some of the top expat cities are also great places for international visitors to work and live, presenting more access to highly skilled talent and increased profitability. In this post, we’ve broken down the top 5 expat cities to have on your radar in 2017.

Top 5 Expat Cities:

1) London

London is one of the most common cities for expats. Here’s what makes London a popular destination for expatriates:

Quality of life: England is a modern territory with the appeals of a modern lifestyle. On top of that, the United Kingdom’s social programs provide free public education at excellent schools and health care provided by the National Health Service.

Work Permits: The three routes to getting a work visa in the United Kingdom are shortage occupations, resident labor market testing, and intracompany transfer. Each route needs to be sponsored by a local company.

2) Singapore

Singapore is a small city-state off the coast of Malaysia. It Is one of the most prominent financial hubs in all of Asia, and a technology hotspot, making it one of the top expat cities not only in the region but also in the world.

Quality of life: Singapore has one of the highest standards of living in the entire world. Singapore is one of the happiest cities and has been cited for having one of the healthiest infrastructures.

Work PermitsExpat professionals have multiple routes to obtaining a work permit in Singapore. These include an employment pass, an entry pass (for people starting a business), and a personalized employment pass (for highly paid executives). This application process is straightforward and done through the Ministry of Manpower.

Diversity: More than 80% of people live in high-quality government housing and neighborhoods have mandated diversity. Because of this, Singapore has one of the most integrated cultures in the world.

3) Dubai

What was once an up-and-coming city for expats, has now solidified itself as one of the marquee expat destinations in Asia.  A member of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is known for the wealth of its rulers, amazing architecture, and new opportunities.

Quality of Life: Dubai is a dynamic and growing city. Since 1991, they have built almost 200 new skyscrapers. The cost of living in the city is comparable to cities like Chicago in the United States, and it is recognized for the highest quality of life in the region.

No Income Tax: There are no income or personal taxes in Dubai. There are, however, some consumption and registration taxes.

Business Opportunities: The economic boom in Dubai is due to the abundant opportunities within the tourism and finance industries.

4) Sydney

Known for its beautiful opera house, Sydney is one of the largest cities in Australia and one of the top expat cities in the world.

Quality of life: Sydney’s location on Australia’s coast makes it a beautiful place to live. Generous government benefits provide a generous amount of basic services as well. While the weather is beautiful most of the year, the summer heat can be extreme.

Work Permits: Australia encourages skilled workers to enter the country. The country runs a skill select database that makes obtaining a work visa and permanent resident status relatively easy.

5) Hong Kong

Hong Kong is both one of the top expat cities and one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Quality of Life: Hong Kong is a fascinating fusion of Eastern and Western cultures and boasts a high standard of living. The low tax rates mean that everyone’s salaries go a long way, but this is countered by the high cost of living.

Work Permits: Like all the best expat cities, Hong Kong encourages skilled professionals to enter the country. Their visa system encourages professionals to live and work in the city.

When thinking about expanding into international markets, these cities present plenty of opportunities to recruit skilled team members. Contact Velocity Global today to find out how we can guide your international expansion and help you hire top candidates in new markets.