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Top 5 Global Expansion Posts

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Through our International PEO (Professional Employer Organization) solution, Velocity Global has helped hundreds of companies realize their global expansion goals. Over our five years as the leading provider of global expansion solutions, we’ve created hundreds of blog posts to provide companies with the information they need to begin selecting a global expansion destination, find top global talent, and simply learn more about global expansion.

Below we’ve compiled our Top 5 blog posts, articles that our readers have found most valuable, returned to, shared, and (most importantly) used as resources to further their global expansion plans.

Top Post #5: Top 5 Global Expansion Strategies

A straight-forward, high-level introduction to developing your global expansion plan. If you’re in the early stages of planning (or are still deciding whether or not the time is right) this is the post for you.

Top Post #4: Permanent Establishment Risk Checklist

Permanent Establishment (PE) risks vary from country to country, and are defined by a country’s tax laws or international treaties. Keep this checklist top of mind; sometimes short-term activities can unintentionally lead to permanent establishment.

Top Post #3: How to Obtain a Work Permit for Japan

Japan has long been one of the world’s top economies and attracts companies from across the globe-but its immigration policies are famously difficult to navigate. If your firm is considering expanding into Japan, be sure to consult this post.

Top Post #2: Iqama Basics: What You Need to Know

Iqamas—The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s residence permit—are issued to expats who enter the country on an employment visa. The KSA government maintains strict control over its immigration and labor policies, making this post an essential read for anyone considering working in KSA.

Top Post #1: Globalization Benefits and Challenges

Companies seek opportunities in foreign markets for a variety of reasons. But no matter where a company expands, it can expect to face challenges as well as benefits to its bottom line. Our readers have found and returned to this post above all others, reaffirming that ambitious companies across the globe are consistently seeking opportunities outside of their domestic markets.

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