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Dubai Work Permit, Dubai Visa, and Dubai Tourist Visa: Big Changes in UAE for 2018

By January 6, 2018September 18th, 2022No Comments
Dubai Visa Dubai Work Permit and Dubai Tourist Visa

UAE: Big change moving forward for people who have a Dubai tourist visa/UAE tourist visa and want a Dubai/UAE work permit; you no longer have to leave the country to amend your Dubai visa/UAE visa to residency status.  Learn more about the Abu Dhabi visa process here. 


Gulf News quoted Brigadier Dr. Rashid Sultan Al Khadar, spokesman for the Naturalisation, Residency and Ports department at the Ministry of the Interior, said that under resolution 377 of 2014, visa-holders of all types can modify the status of their entry and residency permits while staying in the country.

“Customers will be able to amend the status of their entry permits electronically through a few quick and user-friendly steps,” he said. “As a result, visitors will not need to leave the country, instead of updating their visa status and paying all the necessary fees while in the UAE.”

Comparing the resolution to the previous rule, Brig Al Khadar said: “Earlier, if a person, while in the UAE on a visit visa, happens to find a job, he or she will have had to exit the UAE to amend residency status. This is no longer the case. The same applies to spouses of residents or anyone wishing to amend the terms of their entry permits.”

What does this mean for your global expansion plans or getting a Dubai Visa for your employees?

You should be able to get your employees into country the following day on a visit visa. You may then start the process of getting a more permanent work permit. There may be certain circumstances where this would not work.  However, the point being that if speed is your goal, this change may decrease your lead time to almost zero.

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