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UAE Hiring Basics for International Employers

By January 5, 2017October 10th, 2022No Comments
UAE Hiring Basics for International Employers

The rise of the global economy has led to a spike in international growth for businesses. The Middle East is one hotspot for global expansion, which has many companies exploring their options for UAE hiring. Its growing population and booming economy make the UAE a great place to grow as an international business.


In addition to coming into the region, many companies in the UAE are growing globally, too. More than 10% of UAE-based companies are seeking global expansion to other regions including the US. The two-way development is very promising for the region. If your business is ready for growth and targeting the UAE, here are basics for hiring in the area.

Recruiting Talent for UAE Hiring

As the UAE’s population continues to grow and thrive, more and more of the population is staying connected to mobile devices. In fact, social networks are the number one platform that candidates use to look for opportunities. People also use the social universe to research companies before applying for a job.

The problem – employers in the UAE are lagging behind and not taking advantage of social media for recruiting. As an international organization with this knowledge, you can step out ahead of the competition and start recruiting top talent through social media.

It’s also important for employers to identify the skills needed for each position. Be clear and concise about your needs and make sure to highlight them in the job description. Overall, transparency is essential.

According to a survey of national talent in the UAE, candidates want employers to be more transparent during the recruitment process. They also want to see a clear job description from the beginning.

Vetting Talent in the UAE

A rapid rise in the UAE’s population has led to a massive investment in education. Today, local nationals receive comprehensive education starting in kindergarten up to the university level. This training is provided to citizens free of charge. There are also private education sectors that many people pursue.

A well-educated workforce is a great benefit for employers coming into the UAE. It makes the UAE hiring process more competitive and will hopefully give you a strong candidate pool.

Aside from local nationals, a majority of the UAE population is comprised of expatriates. In 2013, the total population of UAE was 9.2 million. Out of the 9.2 million, 7.8 million were expatriates. If you’re considering hiring expats, read our post on this topic to learn helpful best practices.

Employing Talent for UAE Hiring

Given a lot of expats in the UAE, it’s important to note – foreign nationals have a priority to work in the region. As an employer, you need to have a balance of local citizens to foreign nationals, which is common in many countries.

To understand more about UAE employment for international companies, check out this post.

To navigate this hurdle and other compliance issues, confide in an international consultant. In addition, an in-country expert can guide you through global expansion by helping you understand labor laws and requirements for UAE hiring.

Also, your company needs a legal presence to hire in-country, which can be easily obtained through Foreign Subsidiary as a Service (FSaaS) or International PEO. These services can also help your team maintain compliance and international payroll.

To start learning about your UAE hiring options, get in touch with Velocity Global to learn how to make a move simple and compliant.