Webinar: Understanding Your Options for Global Expansion in 2017

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Understanding Your Options for Global Expansion in 2017 – Webinar

Velocity Global joined Ascentis on May 10, 2017, to host a webinar: Understanding Your Options for Global Expansion in 2017.

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In the webinar Understanding Your Options for Global Expansion in 2017, Velocity Global discussed:

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Ben Wright, CEO of Velocity Global, led the webinar and discussed each of the following topics in detail:

1. The Importance of Global Expansion

Companies should consider global expansion to take advantage of opportunities including:

  • Access to a unique talent pool
  • Increase client acquisition
  • Improve market perception
  • Finance business growth
  • Increase competitive edge

2. Challenges When Going Global

Common challenges and obstacles companies face when trying to open overseas operations overseas include:

  • Testing the market
  • Determining short term projects
  • Immediate need to hire
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Employee retention
  • Attracting top talent

3. Developing a Successful Global Expansion Strategy

When a company decides to expand internationally, it is important to develop an effective global expansion strategy that takes the following into consideration:

  • Develop entry and exit strategies
  • Keep a light footprint
  • Test your target market
  • Partner up
  • Determine a hiring strategy

4. International Hiring Options

There are multiple employment methods for companies looking to go global, each with unique advantages and disadvantages, depending on the goals of a company. These include:

  • Nonresident Employer (NRE)
  • Foreign Independent Contractor
  • Foreign Subsidiary Establishment
  • International PEO

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If you have questions about your options for going global in 2017, contact the experts at Velocity Global. We can help you determine the right way to enter new markets and prepare you for a successful international expansion.