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Webinar: Legislative Updates in Europe’s
Most Attractive Countries for Global Expansion

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Webinar: Legislative Updates in Europe’s Most Attractive Countries for Global Expansion

France, Germany, and the Netherlands are top expansion destinations in Western Europe, with each offering companies a unique, business-friendly environment. But keeping up with and adhering to current and evolving HR legislation in each country can quickly become overwhelming—and that’s why Velocity Global and Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) teamed up for Legislative Updates in Europe’s Most Attractive Countries for Global Expansion.” This webinar provided insight into many of the major legislative changes for 2019 and beyond, as well as how businesses can remain agile by utilizing relocation, immigration, and other expansion services.


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Countries Covered in the Webinar

Rob Crabtree, Velocity Global Chief Operating Officer, and Logan Wilson, Global Mobility Solutions Business Development Manager, discussed changing legislative landscapes in France, Germany, and the Netherlands—and strategies for confidently pursuing global growth opportunities in each.

The European Union’s Talent Shortage

Logan kicked off the webinar highlighting the EU’s talent shortage, aging population, and each country’s need to attract skilled workers to fill much-needed roles. He noted that, as each country is a part of the European Union, the EU Blue Card Program is a popular method of attracting and hiring talent from outside the EU to fill vacant positions. Applicants who meet certain criteria can then work in 25 of the 28 Member States.


President Emanuel Macron has laid out his plan to “overhaul what it means to be a business” in France under the forthcoming PACTE Law. The law would make it much easier to start a company is France, including starting an online business. However, the PACTE Law has not yet been implemented, and other legislative changes are currently underway. One of the most notable changes highlighted in the webinar was the increase in both minimum wage and minimum salary in 2019.


Germany, Europe’s “Economic Engine,” is facing a declining population and vocational jobs shortage. Rob highlighted that, to combat this trend, Germany is now making it easier for qualified applicants from abroad to apply for jobs in Germany provided that they meet the criteria. He then spoke on Germany’s changes by speaking on the Draft Act on the Further Development of the Law and Part-Time Work, new regulations that redefine many of the rules for employing part-time workers, as well as what type of employment is allowed for both part- and full-time workers in certain employment relationships. Rob concluded the Germany portion of the webinar by touching on changes to pensions and health insurance contributions, and the risks of working with the growing gig worker/contractor population.

The Netherlands

Logan concluded his presentation highlighting the Netherlands’ strong economy, low unemployment, and the coalition government’s agreement, “Confidence in the Future.” This agreement includes policies that cut taxes for both businesses and individuals, increase certain tax credits, and infrastructure investments. Rob rounded out the countries portion of the webinar by delving into a number of changes to both paid and unpaid leave schemes, minimum wage increases, and a deeper exploration of change to the Netherlands’ 30% ruling.

Expand into Europe with Confidence—and an Experienced Expansion Partner

Prior to answering a number of questions from attendees, Rob concluded his remarks by highlighting the flexibility Velocity Global’s Employer of Record solution offers businesses—no matter where they are in their global expansion journey.

If you’d like to learn more about Global Mobility Solutions’ expansion services and Velocity Global’s Employer of Record solution, reach out to us today to take the first step towards your European expansion.

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