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Global Benefits

Rewards that Boost Recruitment and Retention

Attract and retain top talent in a competitive hiring market.

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Gain a hiring edge with comprehensive rewards.

Be an employer of choice in today’s competitive market with rewards that go above and beyond. While most global employers of record offer only statutory benefits, our experts craft comprehensive, market-specific packages worldwide. Excite job seekers and increase workforce loyalty by offering rewards that stand out from the competition.

Comprehensive Coverage

Give talent everything they need to feel valued, from full health coverage to robust pension and life insurance plans.

Unmatched Expertise

Rely on our experts to educate you on the best rewards and offer fast, local support to you and your global talent.

Worldwide Compliance

Have peace of mind that your benefits offerings adhere to local statutory requirements in over 185 countries.

Competitive Pricing

Offer top coverage at competitive prices by accessing rates only available to large-scale providers.

Why go beyond statutory benefits?

Every employer is legally required to provide statutory benefits (medical, life, pensions, and time off) in a given country. We sweeten the deal by offering your talent supplemental benefits on top of statutory requirements, making them feel valued and giving them one more reason to choose your company over competitors.

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“It’s great to have all the growth in the world, but if talent leaves after six months, it’s a huge strain on the business. It’s extremely important we choose the right partner for hiring internationally. Velocity Global does the best job at that.”

—David Andreasson, VP of Finance and Operations, Paige

beneficios internacionales que dan prioridad a los empleados

Not just a provider.
A full-service partner.

You work hard to take care of your people. So do we. Velocity Global’s dedicated experts offer the industry’s highest level of support to you and your talent. From questions on compliance to the best rewards strategies and everything in between, our local experts are ready to help at every step.

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Attract and retain top talent with comprehensive rewards.

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