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Business Development Solutions

Gain a Competitive Edge in International Markets

Streamline your global expansion to create new revenue streams, grow market share, and accelerate your industry leadership.

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Accelerate revenue growth in any country.

The global business world moves fast. You need to move faster. Establish a presence in new markets in a matter of days and quickly take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

  • Diversify revenue streams and grow your customer base outside of your domestic market
  • Keep your company’s growth goals on track by using the fastest global expansion solution

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“As we continue to expand our business internationally, we needed a partner we could trust. We chose Velocity Global because of their expertise and ability to mitigate risk throughout the entire process.”

— Karen Woelke, Sales Operations Manager, Transnetyx

Test new markets with ease.

Maximizing revenue demands rapidly setting up in new markets—and leaving just as easily if the market isn’t viable. Streamline new market entry and exit to determine product/market fit before making a costly long-term commitment.

  • Determine how profitable a new market is without the commitment of a legal entity
  • Reach new customers and quickly gain market share before the competition
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Build new business relationships that drive revenue.

Global expansion enables your sales teams to develop new opportunities and strengthen existing relationships to further your business.

  • Fortify connections with strategic partners and vendors in the same region
  • Hire key team members to support top clients and accounts in foreign markets

What can our team do for you?

See how we’ve helped companies quickly enter new markets and grow their customer base.

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Staying flexible and cost-efficient while testing multiple markets

El proveedor de monitorización en la nube Datadog necesitaba una forma de mantener el control de los costes y la agilidad mientras probaba a la vez varios mercados internacionales.

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Capitalizing on European demand by relocating a sales leader to Germany

Cuando Righthand Robotics necesitó una forma de aumentar su cuota de mercado en Europa, Velocity Global la ayudó a aprovechar nuevas oportunidades de negocio enviando a un empleado clave a Alemania.

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