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Legal Solutions

Compliantly Hire in Every International Market

Avoid legal headaches, ensure ongoing compliance, and keep your global expansion goals on track—no matter where you hire.

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Réduisez les risques juridiques

Reduce the legal risks associated with international expansion.

Staying compliant with local labor laws is no small feat—especially when you have employees in multiple markets. Avoid legal obstacles by turning to dedicated global experts who ensure compliance with every international employment law.

  • Receive timely updates about new labor requirements in every market
  • Align with local laws and regulations to eliminate missteps when you hire, manage, and terminate global employees
  • Avoid penalties of up to $350,000 from misclassification of foreign independent contractors

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“As we continue to expand our business internationally, we needed a partner we could trust. We chose Velocity Global because of their expertise and ability to mitigate risk throughout the entire process.”

— Karen Woelke, Sales Operations Manager, Transnetyx

Stay flexible and avoid entity establishment.

Fast-growing companies don’t have the time or internal resources to waste when they expand into new markets. Discover a simpler, more agile way to legally set up in new markets—so you save time and maintain compliance.

  • Enter markets in a matter of days with minimal legal headaches
  • Avoid setting up and maintaining legal infrastructures in multiple countries
Propriété intellectuelle
Flexibilité de la personne morale

Protect valuable intellectual property in any market.

Your company’s IP is invaluable—keep it safe in each global market. Take every step to protect your most prized assets no matter where you operate around the world.

  • Protect your copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets in foreign countries
  • Use locally compliant employment contracts with the language necessary to safeguard your IP
  • Mitigate risk of costly and time-intensive IP infringement lawsuits

What can our team do for you?

See how we’ve helped companies tackle complex legal challenges in foreign markets across the globe.

enfant occupé à écrire
Simplifying Canadian employment law to jumpstart international expansion

Velocity Global a aidé l’organisme à but non lucratif Great Kids, Inc. à mieux comprendre la législation canadienne complexe en matière de recrutement à l’étranger, et ce de façon rapide, conforme et fiable.

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Avoiding entity establishment when placing a key employee in a European market

Lorsque l’entreprise de biotechnologie Transnetyx a dû affecter rapidement et légalement un employé en Allemagne sans créer de personne morale locale, elle s’est tournée vers Velocity Global pour mener à bien cette opération.

Ready to simplify overseas compliance?

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