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Velocity Global Continues to Expand Global Footprint

10 July 2024

The company opens new entities in El Salvador and Georgia, making it even easier to compliantly hire, manage, and pay talent in those regions

DENVER, July 10, 2024 — Velocity Global, the world’s expert on work, announced today that it has successfully opened new entities in El Salvador and Georgia, allowing customers easy and compliant access to talent in these economies. The new entities will open opportunities for organizations and local talent alike. The company also announced it has obtained a Haken business license in Japan to ensure continued compliant operations in the country. 

With a steadily growing economy and strategically located between Europe and Asia, Georgia is an attractive market for growing companies looking to do business in the region. El Salvador offers a favorable business climate with the modernization of foreign trade operations, new physical and digital infrastructure, and a newly implemented legal framework that protects and promotes foreign investment. 

As the demand for a global workforce continues to grow, including filing specialized open positions, entering new markets, or supporting M&A transactions, the scrutiny to do so compliantly has increased. Failure to comply with local laws and regulations can be a costly mistake for companies, both financially and reputationally. Velocity Global combines its cloud-based technology with in-depth legal and HR expertise in over 185 countries. to create a robust, self-serve platform. The Global Work Platform™integrates with other leading HR technologies to compliantly hire, pay, and manage employees anywhere in the world. 

“Companies looking to engage talent in new markets must comply with local rules and regulations, in addition to unwritten rules and employee expectations. There are pitfalls around every corner,” says Laura Isaza, Vice President of Subsidiary Management and Corporate Governance at Velocity Global. “Compliance has always been a cornerstone of how we do business. As a strategic partner to our customers, we help them hire talent compliantly and strategize on how a global workforce can help them meet their business goals.” 

The most compliant way to do business in Japan

As part of its continued excellence in compliance, Velocity Global recently obtained a Haken license in Japan. This license will enable Velocity Global to provide EOR services locally in the most compliant way. Haken relationships are under strict government scrutiny. All documents in an employee’s hiring package have been reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Labor to certify a compliant operation.

The trusted partner for a borderless workforce

These latest updates continue to demonstrate the company’s customer-first focus. By compliantly engaging with a borderless workforce, customers can drive meaningful business value by focusing on what’s important to their business. 

About Velocity Global

Velocity Global gives you the power to build your team everywhere—combining seamless technology and local expertise in 185+ countries. We make it simple to compliantly hire, pay, manage, and retain talent anywhere. With Velocity Global, the world is yours. 

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