Bots and Business: Humanizing AI for HR

Bots and Business: Humanizing AI for HR

Artificial intelligence—or the idea that computers can be "trained" to perform tasks as good or even better than a human—is often seen as a cold, distant technology. Some of this has to do with the way that AI has been portrayed in pop culture and science fiction, but a lot of it has to do with the fact that AI can be cold and distant—but that’s beginning to change.

AI as we know it today can indeed lack the "human element." Using AI and analytics for resume analysis, for example, may significantly shorten the hiring process—but many AI solutions also lack the ability to understand nuance and subtlety like a human.

But because of this, many new AI applications for HR professionals in particular are already beginning to take shape, designed to make these solutions "as human as possible." In fact, businesses around the world are currently leveraging AI to help their HR personnel in their day-to-day roles.


AI for HR Professionals

AI applications have created ways to quickly identify a best-fit candidate for a position, but modern day solutions are allowing recruiters to take a more human (and more effective) approach; through newer, high quality data sources and machine learning, AI can help recruiters proactively identify those candidates who already show characteristics very similar to existing, successful employees. So, recruiters no longer have to wait for the applications to come to them: hey can reach out to those potential new hires directly, significantly decreasing the time it takes to fill a position through a data-backed justification.

This helps to relieve one of the biggest challenges modern day recruiters and HR professionals face in the first place: the ultimate quality of their candidate pool. Reports of new applicants failing to show up for a job interview (or worse, the first day of work after being hired) are on the rise. By leveraging solutions like chatbots to not only identify new potential channels for sourcing, but to also gather and disseminate high quality information, recruiters can help make sure that they're only going after the most "serious" candidates at the start of the process. Likewise, Ai is nothing if not candidate-centric, meaning that it's easy for an HR professional to design or customize solutions that best fit someone's hire and expectations, avoiding a lot of these problems altogether.

Challenges and Opportunities in AI for HR

Finally, AI is also creating an opportunity for something that was incredibly difficult in the past: not only a better employee onboarding experience, but a new emphasis on career development. Previously, many businesses were forced to take something of a "one size fits all" approach to their onboarding experience because of a lack of time, a lack of resources or, in many cases, both. Now, these solutions can be employed to help identify exactly what specific new hires need and when they need it, thus allowing them to ingratiate themselves into the culture faster and more effectively, providing HR professionals a better opportunity to retain that talent as well.

The same idea plays out across an employee's entire experience with a business, too. Modern employees have shown that one of the biggest perks a company can give them involves opportunities for career development. AI can be used to best identify what that term even means within the context of a specific person, thus allowing an HR department to rally around what a person needs as opposed to what they think a person needs. This, too, will help businesses both attract and retain top talent which will ultimately have a positive impact on everything from the business' culture to productivity levels to the quality of the work they're able to do for their own clients.

Find the Right Global Talent with an Experienced Expansion Partner

AI for HR has come a long way—and its best days lie ahead. But no matter where you’re sourcing potential employees for your global expansion, having an experienced partner on your side is invaluable. Through our International Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solution, Velocity Global has helped hundreds of companies find the right talent in more than 185 countries.

Want to learn more about how International PEO makes it happen? Let’s talk.

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