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Co-Work World Retreats: How Our Team Comes Together and Gives Back

What Is a Co-Work World Retreat?

In 2022 Velocity Global launched Co-Work World—a peer-led, collaborative initiative that allows employees to come together at a global destination, work together, and give back to the community.

The retreats are a chance for employees to utilize our work anywhere policy alongside their teammates—all while experiencing the benefits of travel. All teammates can opt in to any trip of their choosing, and destinations, dates, and itinerary items are all decided on by the group.

In keeping with our value of Service, each Co-Work World Retreat includes a day of giving back to the local community. It’s an opportunity for our team to learn and share while supporting those in need. In addition to this day of volunteering, Velocity Global pledges to give US$5,000 to the community cause selected by Co-Work World attendees to ensure our impact lasts long after our presence is gone.

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How Velocity Global’s Co-Work World Retreat Started

With the onset of our remote-first policy in 2020 came the opportunity for our team to work from anywhere around the world. For many, this meant prioritizing more regular travel, choosing lengthy vacations, and booking extended family stays—all while maintaining work responsibilities.

Towards the end of 2021, some of our Velocity Global colleagues began to meet up in small groups across the globe. They would share accommodation costs, incorporate sightseeing into their daily routines, and ultimately co-work together, wherever they were in the world.

These peer-led efforts gained traction across the greater team and eventually led to the launch of Co-Work World in early 2022.

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The Benefits of Joining a Co-Work World Retreat

Working from anywhere doesn’t have to mean working alone. We’ve seen the benefits working from home have given our team, but we also fully believe in the collaborative powers of working side by side. However, with work anywhere, we can think bigger than being bound to the office.

Team Collaboration

We fully believe collaboration can happen online with the right tools (and intention), but we know that part of having a healthy remote team is incorporating face-to-face options as well.

Co-Work World Retreats allow teammates to work side by side, collaborate on solutions, and gain a greater understanding of the company’s cross-team functions.

This isn’t just another team lunch or team-building exercise. The relaxed environment of Co-Work Retreats offers shared experiences, camaraderie, and natural collaboration, with the effects lasting much longer than the length of their stay.

Cultural Exchange

One of the best things about travel is the ability to experience other cultures. During a retreat, colleagues have the opportunity to meet and spend quality time with each other while also learning about the local culture.

Co-Work World Retreats feature sightseeing itineraries after work hours, day trips, and weekend plans to ensure teams have the chance to experience their chosen destination fully.

Employee Development

While it’s not an official requirement of Co-Work World Retreats, trips often coincide with networking events, panels, and talks. These events are the perfect opportunity for employees to learn, grow, and expand their networks alongside their teammates.

However, even without these scheduled events, employees can enjoy the benefits of retreat-style interaction with their colleagues. This time working together not only improves team dynamics and culture but also the quality of work.

Local Community Impact

Giving Back Fridays make up an integral part of the Co-Work World Retreats. We believe service and community outreach are important aspects of international travel and want to ensure our presence leaves a positive impact.

The giving back day allows our teams to connect with locals, learn about local causes, and provide short-term physical support. In addition to this day of service, our US$5,000 donation provides funds for ongoing needs.


Velocity Global’s Criteria for a Co-Work World Retreat

Co-Work World Retreats are peer-led, self-initiated, and self funded. However, employees are welcome to use their Velocity Global Travel Fund or Referral Bonus towards these trips.

All trips include a co-living and co-working aspect as well as a giving back day. The chosen community outreach organization will also receive a donation of US$5,000 from Velocity Global.

Each retreat has a local host—a team member from the chosen destination who welcomes the team to their home country and provides local knowledge, language support, and itinerary ideas. There are also logistics and sponsorship roles, where volunteers within the team will book essentials such as accommodations and transportation for the trip (to be split later on).

Past Co-Work World Retreats: Where Have We Been?


The pilot trip saw 10 Velocity Global colleagues meet up in Medellin, Colombia. The team stayed together in an inner-city rental where they worked together around kitchen tables, local cafes, and coworking spaces. They also enjoyed local restaurants and bars and spent time in a secondary countryside location.

As part of their giving back day, the Colombia Co-Work World Retreat partnered with Nomads Giving Back and Nomads Skillshare to volunteer at a daycare center providing after-school care for local children.


Be a Part of Our Next Co-Work World Retreat

Our next Co-Work World Retreat is set for July 2022, where a Velocity Global group will be visiting Spain and Portugal for three weeks. The trip will feature co-working, sightseeing, and community outreach days.

Other trips are scheduled for October and November 2022, with a 2023 itinerary in the works.

If you’d like to be a part of our upcoming Co-Work World Retreats, view our open positions and join the Velocity Global team.

For press inquiries, or to partner with Velocity Global on our Co-Work World community outreach please contact

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