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The Top Global Markets with the Most In-Demand AI Jobs

The demand for artificial intelligence-related jobs has increased exponentially over the last four years is. In particular, positions like software engineer, AI researcher, and AI data analyst are exploding in popularity; businesses are leveraging new, innovative ways to utilize AI to improve operational efficiencies across the board. A recent report from Tech Republic found that software engineers currently make up about 8.5% of all AI-related jobs worldwide, while data scientists make up another 6%, and AI researchers make up 5.2%. This means that nearly 20% of all AI jobs fall into these three categories, and the majority of these positions are most located in just four countries: China, the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

The Top Global Markets for AI Jobs, one of the world’s most-popular job posting platforms, analyzed 30,000 listings on its site. It kept its country size at 15, and limited the sample size to those jobs that required any skill or training in either artificial intelligence or a related area like machine learning.

According to that study, the top markets were:

  • China, which had a significant advantage over the rest of the list with 12,113 active job listings
  • The United States, which came in a distant second with 7,465 active listings
  • Japan, at 3,369 listings
  • The United Kingdom, which had a still-impressive 1,547 listings

Note that these countries beat out other top global markets, like the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, and Australia. In China, for example, so much of this has to do with the ways in which Chinese technology companies are attempting to apply the benefits of artificial intelligence to real economy sectors. China has long been focused on developing leading technologies, and artificial intelligence is certainly no different.

But in many of these markets (including the United States) these jobs are popular because of the wide range of implications AI brings with it to many different types of businesses. AI is regularly used in banking and finance for the purposes of fraud detection, for example. But in HR, different AI applications have streamlined how professionals find and access top talent, manage their teams, and analyze massive data sets.

Most AI Jobs are in the Top Global Markets for Tech Firms

As cyberattacks become more frequent, AI is also going to play an ever-increasing role in proactive cyber security. However, it will also require humans to help develop these sophisticated tools, which is a large part of why these jobs are so popular and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Thanks to the fact that these jobs exist all over the world, embracing AI isn't just a smart investment from an operational perspective: it's the right move to make for expanding tech firms, too. It is not at all a coincidence China, Japan, the U.S., and UK are each among most-promising markets for tech firms.

Looking for AI Talent in Top Global Markets? Build Your Team with an Experienced Partner

Whether an organization expands into China, Japan, the UK, or U.S., no global expansion is without its fair share of challenges. Partnering with an International Professional Employer Organization (PEO) like Velocity Global gives organizations an agile alternative to the costly and time-consuming process of setting up an entity overseas, enabling them to hire in more than 185 countries quickly and seamlessly.

Want to learn more about the top global markets for tech firms or how International PEO can help businesses reach new customers and premier talent in these markets? Let’s chat.

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