Work Permit Acquisition Process for International Employers and Employees

Work Permit Acquisition Process for International Employers and Employees

Starting up operations in a new country is exciting, and is an opportunity for your team members to test their talents overseas through a work permit. Obtaining a work permit is a necessary piece of the puzzle for employees considering moving into a new market, and we are going to explain the basics of acquisition. As an employer, there are a few steps you need to take in order to make your employees transition into an international workforce as smooth as possible. Let’s dive into the basics below.

Facts You Need to Know about a Work Permit

An employee cannot set their sights on a country and go apply.  In nearly every country, an employee must receive a concrete job offer, in writing, before applying.  In addition, permits are:

  • Specific to each job offer; an employee cannot use a work permit to work multiple jobs in a country.
  • When an employee gets a new job, they need a new work permit. Their new employer needs to issue a new request for a new work permit.
  • Set to a time constraints. Each work permit has a specific length of validity. Employees can always work with their employers to extend the time, but it does take another application.
  • Issued by local governments.
  • Required before arriving in the country. Employees need to apply and obtain a work permit for their specific job before arriving into the country.

Differences Between a Work Permit and a Visa

Do not get a work permit and a visa confused because these are two, different verifications for operating a new country.

For example, when an employee gets a job offer in the UK, they will apply for a work permit from the Department of Education and Employment. This permit gives the employer permission to hire the employee for the specific position in a defined location.

The work permit is not permission for the employee to take up work in the UK, though. A prospective employee needs to obtain a visa by working with the UK Immigration or Consular officer after obtaining a work permit to be granted access into the UK.

A visa is an endorsement, which is stamped on your passport.

Steps for an Employee

Once you’re established in your new country through a legal entity or Foreign Subsidiary as a Service (FSaaS), you can grant your prospective employee an office job offer. This will get them on the proper track with their application.

Other steps include:

  • Employees collaborate with their employer to send proper information to the officiating government department. For example, in Sweden employers and employees work with trade unions.
  • An employee submits their application
  • Once an application is submitted, the employee begins the process for obtaining a work visa.

As always with articles of this nature, please take the information as reference only and not the basis for legal actions, please always consult directly with us if you need help or your immigration attorney.

If you are in the process of hiring an employee who needs a permit, reach out to us for assistance. We can provide you with free advice to help you get through the process of international expansion much quicker!

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