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Build a workforce without boundaries

Simplify every step of growing and running teams across borders.

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Comprehensive services for your wide-ranging goals.

Your distributed workforce needs are complex. Our solutions are up to the task. Partner with one provider to overcome your far-reaching challenges so you grow with ease, efficiency, and confidence.

International PEO

International PEO

Compliantly onboard, pay, and manage global supported employees using the world’s most user-friendly global expansion solution.

Global Consulting

U.S. Employer of Record

Simplify the challenge of engaging talent across the United States, relocating team members to new states, and staying compliant with ever-changing local labor laws.

Global Talent Acquisition

Independent Contractor Compliance

Gain peace of mind your talent is properly classified as independent contractors, so you avoid the fines, legal fees, and business interruptions that come with misclassification.

Global Payroll

Agent of Record

Make it easier than ever to pay and manage independent contractors across the globe by combining expert support with an easy-to-use technology platform.

Global Remote Worker Using a Computer

Choose a partner that puts your people first.

Nothing is more important than the talent that keeps your business moving forward. Turn to a provider that cares for your people as much as you do.

Global Payroll

Your distributed workforce needs are complex. Our solutions are up to the task. Partner with one provider to overcome your far-reaching challenges so you grow with ease, efficiency, and confidence.

Global Immigration

Global Immigration

Rely on expert guidance and support throughout the entire immigration process to ensure efficiency, compliance, and peace of mind.

Global Payroll

Global Payroll

Simplify the process of paying your overseas employees with a centralized service that coordinates your entire payroll operations in any country.

Entity Setup

Entity Setup & Support

Trust our entity maintenance and support team to handle everything from initial entity setup and registration to maintenance and reporting.

Global Consulting

Global Consulting

Optimize your global operations with objective advice, premium support, and the answers you need to overcome expansion challenges of any size.

Global Talent Acquisition

Global Talent Acquisition

Find the world’s best and brightest talent—anywhere in the world. We handle every aspect of the supported employee lifecycle, from sourcing to hiring to onboarding.

“Velocity Global is a key strategic partner supporting our expansion efforts. Their responsiveness and level of service has been a true asset to our valued [supported] employees overseas.”

—Sarah Clark, People Operations Manager at Datadog

Your workforce on one platform.

Complement expert support with a centralized technology dashboard, so it’s easier than ever to view, manage, and pay your distributed workforce.

Engage the right talent, anywhere.

The skills you need are now at your fingertips—whether they’re around the corner or across the globe. Our full-service expertise helps you easily assemble and manage teams in all 50 U.S. states and 185+ countries.

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Hire virtually anywhere in the world—quickly, compliantly, and confidently with International PEO.

Meet your distributed workforce needs with expert support at every step.

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A global company with a local feel.

Our mission is even bigger than simply the business at hand. We aim to make a difference in the lives of the people we touch—from our customers and their teams that we support to our neighbors and community members that we interact with each and every day.

Founded in 2014 and growing every day.

We’re an established, built-in-Colorado company with innovative ideas and a fresh, proven perspective on global growth.

Giving back is part of who we are.

Our culture is not only defined by our clients, team, and culture—but also our promise to continue to give back to organizations that Velocity Global employees are passionate about. We value our Colorado roots, connections to the community, and making a difference in the place we call home.

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Velocity Global is proud to be recognized.

Velocity Global is proud to be acknowledged for prestigious awards that recognize our company, leadership, and workplace.

Meet our leaders

Our leadership team aims to create an inspiring vision for our clients—and employees. So we can accomplish amazing things together.

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We go above and beyond to protect your data

You deserve a partner that takes data protection as seriously as you do. We’re up to the task. Velocity Global is one of the select few expansion providers that holds the ISO 27001:2013 certification, the international standard for data security.

  • Avoid the high costs of fines, legal fees, business interruptions, and reputational damage that comes from a data breach
  • Ensure your data is protected by a partner that complies with the laws, regulations, and requirements related to information security
  • Increase your appeal to customers sensitive about data protection by offering stronger protection than your competitors

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