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Navigate the Future of Work with One Partner

Build distributed teams and grow your business in 185+ countries and all 50 United States.

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Build your distributed team.

Whether you need to engage independent contractors across borders, hire a key team member—in the U.S. or abroad, or overcome a wide range of expansion challenges, our global workforce solutions cover you every step of the way.

International PEO

Employer of Record

Quickly and compliantly onboard, pay, and manage your international workforce with expert support.

Independent Contractor Compliance

Determine the proper classification of your talent with a comprehensive assessment.

Agent of Record

Agent of Record

Compliantly onboard independent contractors and easily manage invoicing.

Global Immigration

Global Immigration

Relocate any worker with expert guidance through the entire immigration process.

Global Benefits

Global Benefits

Attract top talent and give your distributed teams competitive benefits.

Additional Services

Your distributed workforce needs are complex. Our solutions are up to the task. Partner with one provider to overcome your far-reaching challenges so you grow with ease, efficiency, and confidence.

Entity Setup

Entity Setup & Support

Trust a team of experienced partners to guide you as you grow your company and solidify your geographic footprint.

Global Talent Acquisition

Global Talent Acquisition

Recruit the right talent for your needs, screen and interview candidates, and develop competitive job offers—anywhere.

Global Consulting

Global Consulting

Plan your company’s growth with expert guidance and support and make your next global expansion move with confidence.

Global Payroll

Global Payroll

Overcome borders, multiple currencies, and unique tax laws to provide accurate and on-time payroll to your workforce.

Global Payroll

Mergers and Acquisitions

Quickly onboard a global workforce outside of your existing footprint, avoid TSAs, and ensure compliance.

Trust in a strategic partner every step of the way.

Work with experts that understand your specific needs throughout the entire growth process—from entering your first new market to streamlining global workforce management and everything in between.

Your distributed workforce on one platform.

Our proprietary cloud-based technology makes it easier than ever to view, manage, and pay your distributed teams.

“Velocity Global is a key strategic partner supporting our expansion efforts. Their responsiveness and level of service has been a true asset to our valued [supported] employees overseas.”

—Sarah Clark, People Operations Manager at Datadog

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Meet your distributed workforce and global growth goals with expert support at every step.

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