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Easily Pay and Manage Your Independent Contractors

Consolidate invoices, effortlessly onboard, and ensure compliance for independent contractors worldwide.

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Engage talent with ease.

You work hard to find the talent that’s right for your company. Let us get your independent contractors up and running while you stay focused on your day-to-day responsibilities.

  • Rely on one partner to handle contractor evaluations, contractor agreements, and more
  • Get fast and reliable answers to your questions from experts who understand your unique challenges

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“We have a small HR team and they have taken a lot of the administrative burden off of us while providing a great experience for the employees we hire on through them.”

—HR Lead, Online Clothing Retailer

Simplify contractor payments.

Processing invoices, reviewing statements of work, and exchanging emails with multiple independent contractors is a hassle. Make it as easy as possible to pay independent contractors, no matter where they are.

  • Save time by approving one combined invoice for your independent contractor workforce
  • Increase efficiency with a comprehensive dashboard that consolidates every document related to pay

Maintain compliance worldwide.

You don’t have to navigate local independent contractor regulations alone. Our experts do the hard work for you, then provide ongoing support to ensure compliance and prevent misclassification for the duration of your worker’s assignment.

  • Rest assured your talent is accurately classified as an independent contractor in any market
  • Avoid costly fines, legal fees, and reputational damage from noncompliance with labor laws

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Agent of Record (AoR)?

An Agent of Record (AoR) is a third-party that helps organizations classify, onboard and pay independent contractors, as well as ensure IC compliance given their location.

What are the benefits to hiring an Agent of Record (AoR)?

An Agent of Record not only helps companies hire independent contractors and navigate compliance laws, but is largely responsible for reducing the back office burden that comes with hiring.

Is it cheaper to hire an independent contractor?

While you can save up to 30 percent by hiring an independent contractor, an Agent of Record can help mitigate significant legal costs if your contractor is found non-compliant.

How do I find an independent contractor?

While it is possible to find independent contractors for hire through normal channels, an Agent of Record is an expedited solution to hire independent contractors for you quickly and compliantly.

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Supporting teams in over 50 markets at once

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