Foreign Subsidiary as a Service

FSaaS™ is Global Expansion 2.0. We handle risk mitigation, compliance, payroll, benefits, and everything that makes going global hard... You just find great employees.

Why Utilize FSaaS – Foreign Subsidiary as a Service?

Speed to Market

Expand globally today instead of waiting months to establish a subsidiary.  FSaaS cuts the time it takes to enter a foreign market by 90%when compared to creating a subsidiary.

Reduce Costs

Entity establishment can be extremely costly. In addition to setup and maintenance costs, the opportunity costs can be huge if your global strategy doesn’t work out as planned. FSaaS can be up to 60% cheaper when compared to creating a subsidiary.

Risk Mitigation

Our compliance methodology is a proactive employment solution. We want to catch issues before they ever get to litigation; “the best legal solutions are non-legal protections” as they say.  We have a proprietary compliance database for every country we operate in.

No Long Term Commitments

Period.  Flexibility is a cornerstone of FSaaS.  If you want to test market viability or have a short to mid term project in a country, there is no better option.

“Contractors” or Employees?

Just because you call them a “contractor” doesn’t mean they are.  The penalties for getting it wrong range from very expensive to not allowing you to do business in that country any longer, plus employees are more loyal.

Talk with one of our consultants to see how Foreign Subsidiary as a Service – FSaaS can help you achieve your global expansion goals:

How we hire your employees

  • We walk you through country specific laws and regulations including employment regulations, social insurances, monthly withholdings, and taxes
  • We supply you with a precise estimate of monthly payroll costs
  • We prepare a locally compliant employment contract for you to edit and review
  • We send the employment contract to the employee for a final agreement
  • A joint kick-off call is held between Velocity Global, you and your employee
  • We on-board your employee on their first day of employment
  • We administer timely and accurate monthly payroll, expenses, commissions, local benefits and allowances
  • We help with employee terminations and full-company tear downs

Speed to satisfaction

  • We are dedicated to supporting our clients and taking the time to understand and assess their needs
  • We supply you with an easy to read monthly invoice for all payroll and fees in USD
  • You are guaranteed a response in 24 hours or less
  • We support you and your employees through everything, we are committed to responsiveness and premium service
  • You remain focused on your employee’s success while leaving the payroll and employment specifics up to us
  • No long-term service contracts are required so that you can remain flexible to business demands

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The Next Steps of FSaaS

  • Velocity Global will determine costs, start date, and the logistics for on-boarding your employee
  • After you sign a contract with Velocity Global, you will receive a monthly invoice for payroll burden and fees in USD
  • We draft a locally compliant employment contract while your employee operates under your direction
  • We handle the monthly payroll processing while you remain focused on your employee’s success

Employees vs. Contractors

Generally speaking, here’s how contractors differ from employees:

  • Contractors are rarely paid variable comp i.e. bonuses or commissions
  • Contractors can work for other companies and often must show proof to governing bodies that they are not employees
  • Contractors do not have business cards in the company name
  • Contractors do not receive home office reimbursement and cannot use company provided equipment

Capabilities In Over 185 Countries

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