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Helping you source, recruit, and hire the world’s brightest talent.

The Velocity Global Value

Established Global Infrastructure

Exceed your recruiting goals through our single-vendor solution and receive unmatched global recruiting services in over 185 countries, across a multitude of industry verticals.

Direct Local Search

Receive local recruiting support and invaluable insights into cultural and market nuances to ensure you attract top talent.

Customizable Solutions

Personalize your global recruiting experience with prescreening, interview assistance, or candidate testing.

Market Overview

Receive an in-depth market analysis that outlines country-specific employment regulations, salary expectations, and the market’s political and economic landscape.

Recruiting Process Outsourcing

Increase efficiency and stay focused on running your business while we become an extension of your internal HR department to help you hire the world’s brightest talent.

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Next Steps with Global Recruiting

With a few simple questions, we’ll determine the standard salary and employer costs for the positions you are seeking across the globe

You sign a contract with Velocity Global and we help localize and customize your benefits offering

You receive an in-depth analysis of local economic, geopolitical, and employment considerations

We find the globe’s brightest talent, so you can focus on your company’s success in-country

Capabilities In Over 185 Countries

Velocity Global Serves 175 Countries

That’s right, 185…

Our global reach means we’ve got you covered.  See where our capabilities can take your business.

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