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With over a decade of experience helping businesses expand overseas, Velocity Global is the leader in international hiring and your trusted source for global employment solutions.

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Expand internationally with confidence. Velocity Global can guide you through the convoluted process of expanding your business into foreign markets. Our experts can help you create a strategic plan to set your business up for success in a new country.

Local Knowledge

Understand the labor laws for all your employees, no matter what country they are located in. We are employment experts for all countries in which we operate.


Do business with partners you know you can trust. Let us help you choose the best partners in each foreign market to meet your needs.

We have decades of cumulative international consulting experience. Let’s talk about the problems you are facing:

Let’s talk about what problems you are facing.  We serve as an on-demand expert for multiple companies to help mitigate the risks and solve the problems international expansion can create.

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Capabilities In Over 185 Countries

Velocity Global Serves 175 Countries

That’s right, 185…

Our global reach means we’ve got you covered.  See where our capabilities can take your business.