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Hire the World’s Best SaaS Professionals

Fast, flexible, and compliant global expansion to help you gain a competitive edge.

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Velocity Global Solutions - SaaS
Velocity Global Solutions - SaaS BB

Globalize your SaaS talent pool.

Gain access to a wide range of highly skilled professionals to overcome the tech talent shortage, grow your business, and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Quickly and compliantly onboard a global workforce without adding stress to your existing teams
  • Boost employee retention with 24/7 support and local experts to answer payroll and benefits questions
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“Velocity Global is a key strategic partner supporting our expansion efforts. Their responsiveness and level of service has been a true asset to our valued [supported] employees overseas.”

—Sarah Clark, People Operations Manager, Datadog

Fast, agile growth with reduced costs.

SaaS companies need a global expansion solution that moves just as fast as they do. Bypass entity establishment to save time, increase cost-efficiency, and easily test new countries for product-market fit.

  • Strategically grow into new markets and leave quickly with no additional fees
  • Save up to 60% on onboarding costs compared to entity establishment
  • Extend your global reach, find new customers, and quickly scale your business
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Velocity Global Solutions - SaaS C

Protect intellectual property and your company’s value.

IP is your company’s most valuable asset. Ensure it’s safe when you hire abroad.

  • Utilize employment contracts that ensure confidentiality, establish clear IP ownership, and protect future valuations
  • Avoid legal fees, lost business opportunities, and competitive disadvantages that come with IP theft

What can our global hiring experts do for you?

Learn how we’ve helped SaaS companies compliantly onboard new workers overseas to increase global market share.

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Quickly hiring a key overseas executive

When Convercent needed to beat a deadline to hire an executive in Europe, Velocity Global answered the call with a fast, full-service solution.

robotic arm in high tech factory
Relocating a top salesperson into Europe

Righthand Robotics turned to Velocity Global to compliantly hire a key salesperson to help the company grow its market share in Germany.