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Venture Capital

Maximize ROI and Slow Burn Rate in New Markets

Quickly and compliantly scale portcos globally and grow market share with an experienced partner.

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Enter new markets efficiently to extend runway.

High-growth companies need a fast, flexible, risk-averse, and cost-effective global expansion strategy. Now your portcos can quickly test new markets without a long-term financial commitment, and stay compliant with international labor laws.

  • Enter new markets up to 90% faster than establishing a legal entity
  • Reduce costs up to 60% compared to entity establishment
  • Ensure compliance and avoid independent contractor misclassification penalties up to $350,000
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“Velocity Global is a key strategic partner supporting our expansion efforts. Their responsiveness and level of service has been a true asset to our valued [supported] employees overseas.”

—Sarah Clark, People Operations Manager at Datadog

Protect your intellectual property at every step.

IP is your portcos’ most valuable asset and protecting it is crucial when entering new foreign markets. Overlooking the importance of IP protection puts future valuations at risk.

  • Safeguard copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets in new markets
  • Utilize compliant, in-country employment contracts that include necessary language to protect IP ownership
Protect your intellectual property
International Employees Working Together

Hire the best talent anywhere in the world.

Hiring globally helps companies secure the best possible candidates, no matter where they’re located. Portcos gain a competitive advantage by simplifying every aspect of international hiring.

  • Meet urgent hiring deadlines to keep portcos growing quickly
  • Offer competitive benefits packages in accordance with local laws
  • Provide global teams with an exceptional experience, local support, and accurate, on-time payroll

What can our team do for you?

Read how we’ve helped companies test new markets and reduce costs while growing market share.

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Testing multiple markets while maintaining flexibility and limiting costs

Velocity Global enabled cloud-monitoring provider Datadog to minimize costs while rapidly testing several new international markets at once.

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Hiring international employees with speed and efficiency

Tasked with helping biotech company Transnetyx maximize value and speed while hiring internationally, Velocity Global provided a cost-effective and fast alternative to entity establishment.