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Release Notes

Technology Updates

Find out what’s new with Velocity Global’s workforce management technology.

May 2022 Features

Web dashbaord with employee count, map, and other data


Make informed business decisions with our User Insights Dashboard.

Get actionable insights into your business with our User Insights Dashboard. With this robust, interactive tool, you can track key hiring metrics to make data-driven decisions on your global workforce. Use the dashboard to easily:

  • Visualize and monitor performance
  • Discover actionable insights
  • Inform your business goals


Calculate your global hiring and employment costs in one click.

Fully understanding your employer costs is one of the most important factors in global hiring. As a client, you can request an instant quote by using our Employer of Record (EoR) Quote tool. You can see a transparent breakdown of monthly employment costs to help guide your international hiring decisions. This streamlined self-service quotation tool lets you:

  • Harness centralized data for a simple, transparent quoting process
  • View a detailed breakdown of potential employment costs
  • Compare and contrast costs within different global markets
  • Consolidate quotes into one list view
  • Search, sort, and download your list of quotes
Velocity Global's Employer of Record (EoR) Quote tool

February 2022 Features

Contractor Invoices Screen


Pay your contractors in a few clicks.

Introducing an exciting new addition to our Global Work Platform™. Our new Contractor Payments solution automates pay for your contractors worldwide. Use the platform to easily:

  • Onboard new contractors
  • Approve invoices and issue payments in different currencies
  • Store essential contractor documents
  • See a complete payment history for each contractor
  • View your entire contractor workforce on one map
  • Mitigate risk with know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) best practices


Invoice and get paid with ease.

Submitting invoices and receiving payment is easier than ever with our new Contractor Payments solution. Log into the Contractor Payments platform from any device to quickly:

  • Submit invoices, then monitor their approval status
  • Get paid in your currency
  • Upload and store necessary documentation

January 2022 Features


Easy time tracking for talent.

Track your work hours right from the palm of your hand. Our new hourly time tracking feature allows you to log start and end times from your mobile device. Hourly time tracking is the latest feature we’ve created to make it easier for you to work untethered from anywhere.

Employers and Talent

More languages on our mobile app.

We’re proud to create a more connected working world by bringing together employers and talent in more than 185 countries. To reflect the inclusive nature of our Global Work Platform™, our mobile app is now available in six languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Swiss-German
  • Japanese

October 2021 Features


Easier onboarding and time-off management on mobile.

The onboarding experience for talent is easier than ever, thanks to two new improvements on the mobile app:

  • Newly onboarded users now see their complete profile on mobile, gaining instant access to all their personal information.
  • We’ve also customized the user experience by country, so talent only sees information relevant to their region.

We’ve also revamped our time-off system on the mobile app—just in time for the holidays. Now, talent can submit time-off requests, review prior submissions, and monitor status updates on mobile.


A full view of your distributed workforce.

Managers now have visibility of their entire distributed workforce at once. Through the Global Dashboard, managers see a map with pins wherever they have talent supported by Velocity Global. Simply hover over a pin to instantly see the number of workers and their statuses in each country. Then, click to access their information right from the map.

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