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October 2021 Features

Easier onboarding and time-off management on mobile.

The onboarding experience for talent is easier than ever, thanks to two new improvements on the mobile app:

  • Newly onboarded users now see their complete profile on mobile, gaining instant access to all their personal information.
  • We’ve also customized the user experience by country, so talent only sees information relevant to their region.

We’ve also revamped our time-off system on the mobile app—just in time for the holidays. Now, talent can submit time-off requests, review prior submissions, and monitor status updates on mobile.

A full view of your distributed workforce.

Managers now have visibility of their entire distributed workforce at once. Through the Global Dashboard, managers see a map with pins wherever they have talent supported by Velocity Global. Simply hover over a pin to instantly see the number of workers and their statuses in each country. Then, click to access their information right from the map.

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