Our Purpose

Make opportunity borderless for people everywhere.

Since launching in 2014, we’ve pioneered the industry of distributed work to make coming together from across the globe a seamless reality for all. We are a work-anywhere company with hundreds of employees spread across six continents and 60 countries. Headquartered in the U.S., with regional headquarters in Amsterdam, we know that great ideas reach their fullest potential when people can reach beyond borders.

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Our leaders

Our team leads with a global perspective

Velocity Global is led by a team of executives with a variety of experiences and expertise in distributed work, all dedicated to making it possible for global businesses to thrive.

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Our Team

We live our purpose and values every day

  • Winnie Wong, VP, Design
  • Kumar Ramanathan, VP, Engineering
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    VP, Design

    Our goal is to design products that are flexible enough to work well in each country but also easy to use and maintain. When we hit all of that, it’s truly a beautiful solution.

    Winnie Wong
    VP, Design
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    VP, Engineering

    I've always strived to build technology that’s customer-centric and I’m driven to make a true difference in people’s lives. At Velocity Global, we get to do both.

    Kumar Ramanathan
    VP, Engineering
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Our Values

Living our values every day

Our company’s values are the core of our identity, guiding every decision and action we take.

  • Do the Right Thing

    We embody authenticity, stand firm in our commitments, and build trust by doing the right thing when nobody’s watching.

    • Lead with trust
    • Act with integrity
    • Be accountable
  • Win as a Team

    We harness the power of unifying diverse perspectives and talents to achieve our common goals. Along with our customers and partners, we are all part of one team. We are better together, and together, we win.

    • Break down silos
    • Collaborate with purpose
    • Grow together
  • Lead With Curiosity

    We dare to ask the right questions to spark innovation and fuel our growth. We believe in the power of curiosity to transcend boundaries and unlock new possibilities.

    • Ask questions
    • Welcome the unknown
    • Embrace the future
  • Connect With Empathy

    We recognize the importance of understanding and championing each other’s unique backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and perspectives. We create an inclusive environment that cultivates innovation by uniting diverse talents and new ways of thinking. 

    • Strive to understand
    • Listen with intent
    • Seek diverse perspectives
  • Drive for Impact

    We are a team defined by tenacity and resourcefulness, pushing boundaries to make a meaningful impact. With a customer-first mindset, we all operate as owners and rise to the occasion when faced with a new challenge.

    • Focus on what matters
    • Be proactive
    • Never settle for the status quo


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