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Effortlessly build teams everywhere

Our comprehensive global employment solutions help hiring managers save time, reduce risk, and compliantly work with talent anywhere on Earth. With an approach tailored to your individualized needs and end-to-end guidance every step of the way, the world is yours.

Compliant hiring in 185+ countries

Our global reach and local expertise make it simple for businesses of any size to compliantly hire top candidates anywhere.

Relocation and immigration support

From relocation to family sponsorship, we simplify the ever-changing immigration process so your talent has the freedom to move.

Streamlined onboarding

Dedicated onboarding assistance ensures best practices while getting your team members up and running faster.

Improve talent retention

Benefits that go beyond the basics help you keep your people happy and engaged, no matter where they’re located.

Why work with velocity?

Compliance shouldn’t be so complex

Worldwide employment laws are complicated, constantly changing, and vary from country to country. Without the knowledge or resources to navigate them, they slow you down and increase your legal risk—right when you want your business to keep gaining momentum. Velocity Global simplifies the process with global compliance expertise and human support everywhere, freeing you to expand with confidence.

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The race for global talent is on

Top-tier talent is always in demand. The onset of global expansion makes that true for more great candidates in more places than ever before. Your potential hires have no shortage of options—so we help you stand out. No matter what your company looks like today, we give you everything you need to break away from the pack and attract and retain more world-class talent.

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You need a simpler way to scale

Global expansion connects you to opportunities everywhere—it can also saddle you with a world of new operational challenges. Hiring managers may find themselves juggling countless vendors across a half-dozen time zones and languages. Our comprehensive employment solutions and global expertise allow you to centralize your hiring across over 185 countries, simplifying the process of building your borderless dream team.

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Expand into new markets with experts by your side

When you’re breaking new ground, it helps to have a partner who knows the lay of the land. Thanks to our extensive experience helping businesses expand into new markets, Velocity Global is well equipped to help you hire and scale with confidence. We provide expert guidance and support—you build borderless teams and seize opportunities all over the world.

Get key insights to make smarter decisions

Our experts keep you in the know with relevant news and critical insights on global labor markets. In turn, you spend less time making better-informed decisions about global hiring.


Streamline every step of hiring and onboarding

You and your new team members save time with comprehensive solutions that streamline every step of hiring and onboarding. With our help, you can reduce frustration, improve efficiency, and start doing great things together.


Focus on bigger things than compliance

We help reduce stress and provide peace of mind for your borderless talent by ensuring continuous compliance wherever they work. Instead of worrying about permits and paperwork, teams are free to focus on what really matters.

Customer Testimonials
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    We want our supported employees to have the best experience, no matter where they are. Even if we have an entity in a certain country, we absolutely consider putting our team members with Velocity Global if they can offer better benefits or support.

    Jade Orzol, Human Resources Director

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  • How do I hire international employees?

    There are two main ways to hire international employees. First, a company can set up and incorporate a legal entity abroad—which requires serious commitment and risk. Many companies opt to partner with an employer of record (EOR) instead. 

    An EOR streamlines global expansion by simplifying processes such as payroll, benefits, and onboarding. The EOR becomes the legal employer of a company’s supported employees and ensures hiring and payroll compliance with local labor laws in each country.

  • Can I hire someone from a foreign country?

    Yes, a company can hire someone in another country using one of three common options:

    You can go through the costly and time-consuming process of setting up a legal entity; you can streamline the process by partnering with an employer of record (EOR) to hire and pay international employees on your behalf while you maintain control over day-to-day management tasks; or you can engage with an international contractor as an alternative to hiring a full-time employee abroad. 

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