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Provide even more of what your global teams deserve

Our Global Benefits solution makes it easier than ever to offer consistent and comprehensive benefits programs to top talent everywhere. We simplify administration and compliance across 185+ countries for you to easily manage benefits. You focus on supporting your distributed teams where and when it matters most—and people around the world notice.

Compliant coverage everywhere

Locally compliant medical, insurance and social security coverage reduces your risk while supporting your people, no matter where they live and work.

No administrative burden

We handle all your global benefits administration and management so you don’t have to, eliminating complexity and increasing equitability for your people everywhere they work.

Robust plans in 185+ countries

Keep your talent feeling valued with the most competitive and comprehensive benefits worldwide, enhancing talent acquisition and the employee experience.

Cost-effective for every company

Companies of any size can access competitive pricing on world-class supplemental and optional benefits.

Scalable benefits plans

Expand into more country-specific markets, add headcount, and explore opportunities everywhere—our plans scale to suit your evolving hiring process and needs.

World-class expertise, human support

Our experts are here to help you manage on the best benefits possible—offering fast, local support to you and your global talent whenever you need it.

Calculate global payroll costs

Get reliable insights into employee costs and country-specific contributions so you can expand your global workforce compliantly and with confidence.

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Stand out in a crowded field

Great teammates make the world go round, and they want to feel valued. A paycheck and baseline statutory benefits aren’t enough anymore—top talent wants employer perks and support that will meaningfully improve quality of life. Our Global Benefits solution equips you with everything you need to attract and reward workers, retain teams, and outpace the competition in the global race for talent.

Basic benefits aren’t enough

For most workers, supplemental doesn’t mean extra: 66% of employees say comprehensive benefits packages are a must-have. (Source: MetLife)

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Quality of life is top of mind

Priorities have shifted—though compensation continues to matter, workers are increasingly focused on their own and their families’ well-being.

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Top talent expects more

Top-tier talent is always in demand. Robust benefits packages help you stand out from a crowded field of employers to attract and retain the highest-impact people in the most important roles.

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Talent prioritizes benefits

Record-setting turnover puts HR teams and processes under immense pressure to keep their talent happy. But while the majority of workers say that benefits for employees are important to them, only a fraction of employers use comprehensive packages to increase workforce loyalty and attract top candidates.

Employees satisfied with their benefits are two times more likely to be satisfied with their jobs.
Employees satisfied with their benefits are 70 percent more likely to be loyal to their employer.
Sixty-six percent of employees say comprehensive benefits packages are a must-have.

Attract talent, support your people, stay ahead of the pack

Whether you want to offer industry-leading perks to attract new talent in Texas or give your existing talent in Thailand everything they need to thrive, our Global Benefits solution gives your teams the ability to work anywhere, unlocking opportunity everywhere.

Competitive edge

No matter where you’re hiring, our comprehensive benefits packages give you a competitive edge in the race for world-class talent.


Improved satisfaction

When you go beyond what’s expected and provide your talent with an even better quality of life, they notice, they stick around, and your company thrives.


Reduced risk

Our world-class expertise and human support ensure compliance with local regulations in over 185 countries, giving you the confidence to keep moving.


Simplified management

Juggling different providers across multiple countries and time zones isn’t easy. Give your HR teams the ability to centralize their global benefits strategy with an employee benefits platform and make your talent around the world feel valued and supported.

Customer Testimonials
  • Dragonfly Logo

    Velocity Global takes a huge burden off my plate because I know our teams are well taken care of without having to worry about day-to-day administration.

    Ellen Bockleman, ​​Chief People Officer

  • Paige company logo

    As our front-of-house, Velocity Global is the best in terms of offering an exceptional employee experience.

    David Andreasson, VP of Finance & Operations

  • Transnetyx

    As we continue to expand our business internationally, we needed a partner we could trust. We chose Velocity Global because of their expertise and ability to mitigate risk throughout the entire process.

    Karen Woelke, Sales Operations Manager

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  • What are global benefits?

    Global benefits are any non-wage compensation provided to talent for their time, labor, and expertise. Examples include medical plans, life insurance, paid time off (PTO), additional vacation days, workers compensation insurance, and retirement plans. Global benefits fall into two major categories: statutory benefits—those required by each country or territory’s local laws—and supplemental benefits—additional benefits that enhance a worker’s health benefits, retirement, and insurance coverage.

  • What is a global benefits strategy?

    A global benefits strategy is a plan to provide a company’s workforce with comprehensive benefits packages that are both legally required and align with their needs, no matter where they are in the world. An effective global benefits strategy can help ensure compliance with local labor laws, boost talent retention, and provide an edge in attracting talent.

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