Onboard, pay, and manage talent everywhere on our Global Work Platform™

Hire with confidence in 185 countries

Access unparalleled compliance support to reduce risk as you confidently build teams and work with talent around the world.

Seamlessly integrate every step

Automate workflows, eliminate errors, and easily manage your global workforce through seamless integrations with your existing HRIS solutions.

Focus more on what really matters

Use our innovative technology to save time and cut down on operational costs, freeing you to focus on your expanding business.

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How it works

One platform to hire anywhere and work everywhere

Our Global Work Platform™ makes it simple to support and manage your people, wherever your workforce goes. From country-specific regulations that keep you compliant to HRIS and ATS integrations that save time and spare you headaches, it’s your all-in-one way to work with the world. 

Country-specific onboarding

Wherever your talent works, we customize the onboarding process to suit local needs and regulations.

Global visibility and tracking

Get visibility to easily track each step of hiring and onboarding for every new team member.

Centralized pay and benefits

Use one centralized hub to manage all payroll and benefits for talent in over 185 countries.

Consolidated invoices

Simplify your admin tasks with the ability to easily view or download consolidated and historical invoice data.

HRIS and ATS integrations

Streamline your entire process through seamless integrations with leading HRIS and ATS solutions like BambooHR, Bob, and Namely.

GDPR compliance

Protect your team members’ data and your business’ reputation with complete GDPR compliance.


Trust our world-class data protection

You can avoid fines, reduce risk, and rest easy knowing that Velocity Global is one of the select few global employment providers that holds the ISO 27001:2013 certification, the international standard for data security.

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Ready to be borderless?

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