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Download our guide to learn how to hire the perfect candidates across borders, quickly expand your business into new markets, ensure compliance for global talent, and more.

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Global expansion

Grow your workforce. Lighten your workload.

Scale your business compliantly so you can follow your vision without limits.

Hire your dream team without the headaches.

Opportunity is everywhere, but managing global talent can add countless hours to your work week. Find out how you can easily and compliantly hire the people you need—no matter where they are.

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Your business is going places.

“When you’re able to compliantly reduce the time and costs required to hire globally, you’re able to change the way your company does business.”

—Linda Lee, Chief People and Culture Officer, Velocity Global


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Take your company farther.

Hiring globally enables you to hire the people you need—not just the ones who are closest. Find out how you can effortlessly hire, support, and retain top talent while breaking ground in new markets.

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