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Calculate costs and compliantly pay your team

We remove the HR challenges of hiring and paying global teams. As your partner, we ensure local tax compliance, accurate payroll deductions, and on-time employee payments.

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Accurate and transparent calculations

Rest easy knowing our employer contribution and VAT calculations are 99.63% accurate. Using a rigorous process, our payroll experts collect, audit, and update calculations—providing you with transparent pricing.

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Compliance in every country

Mitigate the risk of unforeseen costs and stay ahead of ever-changing payroll regulations with in-country support by your side. Our deep knowledge and proven track record mean compliant payroll for every employee, regardless of where they work.

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  • What is the Employee Cost Calculator?

    The Employee Cost Calculator is a tool designed to give you insight into employer contributions and payroll costs around the world. The calculator allows you to estimate annual team costs so you can accurately budget for your global workforce.

  • How do I calculate the total cost of an employee?

    Calculate the cost of an employee by adding up the following items:

    1. Employee’s gross salary
    2. Payroll taxes according to the employee’s location
    3. Additional expenses like onboarding costs and work equipment

    Learn more in The Complete Guide to Employee Cost

  • How do I stay compliant while paying global employees?

    The easiest and most cost-effective way to stay compliant while paying global employees is to partner with an employer of record (EOR).

    An EOR serves as the legal employer and handles onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, and compliance for your global team. Additionally, an EOR mitigates common payroll risks like incorrect contribution calculations, permanent establishment, and changing tax regulations.

    Read more about how an EOR works.

  • How does Velocity Global help calculate employee costs?

    Our team consults with you to understand your hiring and payroll needs. From there, we leverage our in-house and in-country experts to provide accurate employee cost breakdowns. We rigorously audit and update our calculations to ensure accurate and transparent pricing. 

    To get more detailed cost information, please reach out to our team.

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