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Man smiling with building behind him
Partner case study

Simplifying global workforce management

In just over a year of serving as Paige’s sole global EOR partner, Velocity Global onboarded more than 35 supported employees across 11 countries. Learn how we helped Paige offer an exceptional talent experience in this case study.

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Case Study

Onyx CenterSource: Partnering Together Through EOR

Helping Onyx CenterSource seamlessly source and hire the world’s top talent.
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Resource Center - Dragonfly Case Study
Case Study

Dragonfly Financial Technologies: Maintaining a Global Dream Team

In this case study, learn how we worked with Dragonfly to transition talent during a divestiture.
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Array Case Study
Case Study

Array: Converting Contractors and Offering Integrations

Helping a company protect data, streamline onboarding, and expand its workforce.
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