How it works

Empower global teams to invest for what comes next

Offer competitive and compliant pension plans and retirement benefits to your international talent, with our International Pensions solution. With flexibility, local expertise, and continuous governance in over 185 countries, you can rest assured that you’re providing your global teams the best investment for their future.

Flexible options

Plan flexibility means you can be confident you’re providing the best investment return for employees' lifestyle and retirement goals.

Expert-sourced plans

Keep your people feeling financially secure with tax-efficient and cost-transparent saving plans that are well recognized in their country or territory.

Global coverage

Global coverage ensures you can always provide the opportunity for talent to invest in retirement systems, no matter where they work or where you plan to hire and grow.

Continuous governance

Your people can count on our local expertise and continuous oversight to ensure that their plans for the future are handled with the highest level of care.

Learn more about borderless hiring

Get answers about global hiring, payroll, benefits, international workforce compliance, and pricing.

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How pensions can help

Reduce risk with compliance everywhere

Retirement plan regulations are complex and vary from country to country. It’s a lot to keep track of and keep up with—that’s why we do it for you. Our global solution ensures that your company always maintains pension compliance wherever your talent works, reducing your risk of legal and financial penalties. With our help, your people can confidently plan for their retirement income while you turn your attention to tomorrow’s business opportunities.

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Attract top talent, help teams rest easy

Talent wants the financial stability and support to look forward to an ideal retirement. Our International Pensions solution allows you to meet employees' long-term needs, keeping them content, and attracting the best global candidates in crowded job markets. With competitive and sought-after pension plans around the world, your talent’s future looks brighter than ever.

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Save time with simplified pension administration

You want to build teams and pursue opportunities in multiple countries—that shouldn’t force you to juggle pension vendors from Utrecht to Buenos Aires. Our centralized pension solution reduces the administrative burden on you and your HR teams by acting as a single point of contact for a whole world of competitive and compliant retirement plans. In other words, we’re doing everything we can to make working with the world as seamless as possible. 

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Customer Testimonials
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    Velocity Global’s service is very high-touch. Whenever we need to hire internationally, we know we’ll be taken care of. I would without hesitation recommend Velocity Global to other companies looking to relocate talent or hire across the world.

    Justin Goodemoot, Sr. People Operations Manager

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    Partnering with Velocity Global has also taken the heavy burden off compliance by ensuring that local taxes, registrations, and everything is taken care of.

    Mansi Narang, Senior People Partner

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    Velocity Global made what could’ve been very difficult much easier for us. Its in-country knowledge and constant communication provide our international employees with support that we don’t have the expertise to provide in-house.

    Michelle Taylor, Senior Director, People Services

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Let's work together

Get expert guidance on pension plans that work for your talent

Don’t get bogged down trying to keep up with the complexities of global pensions. Our international experts are here to provide human support and guidance to HR teams, either in multinational companies, small companies, or both the public and private sectors. Together, we’ll create a pension solution tailored to your specific needs—from compliance to cost requirements, we’ll help you secure a future-proof global retirement solution for your talent worldwide.

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