Velocity Global Launches New Division to Assist Companies with Global Mergers & Acquisitions

Velocity Global Launches New Division to Assist Companies with Global Mergers & Acquisitions

07 June 2018

Denver, CO - June 7, 2018 - Velocity Global, the leading provider of global employment services, announced today the launch of its new Global Mergers & Acquisitions division. Velocity Global's comprehensive suite of services will facilitate global transactions and expansions of portfolio companies into new international markets faster than ever before.

For businesses considering cross-border transactions, there are a variety of employment challenges that must be considered. These can include employee onboarding, country-specific compliance regulations, and legal jurisdiction management. Implementing transactional solutions as part of the M&A process can help avoid disruptions, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

Similarly, portfolio companies looking to expand into global markets must consider factors such as minimizing operational risks and quicker market entry. Velocity Global's streamlined approach to global expansions allows these companies to expand with a light footprint at a reduced cost that helps maximize their return on investment.

"Through our new M&A division, we are allowing companies to seamlessly execute transactions on the fastest path to close—with little conflict," commented Ben Wright, CEO of Velocity Global. "Our International PEO solution provides an innovative method to quickly and compliantly hire employees from target companies following mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs, divestitures, and other complex international transactions without having to set up foreign entities."

The launch of Velocity Global's M&A division comes at a critical time when businesses are increasingly focused on remaining competitive in the global marketplace. The company is leveraging its expansive global employment capabilities and experienced M&A team to provide solutions tailored specifically to strategic buyers and sellers, private equity firms, and venture capital firms. These solutions allow companies to close transactions faster, increase purchase power, and accelerate portfolio company growth.

"We are seeing a huge increase in the number of businesses acquiring other companies across borders, and this means there is an immediate need to integrate current employees," said Velocity Global's Director of Sales, Rob Wellner. "This new approach to handling M&A transactions will help companies streamline the process of expanding overseas and speed up time to close deals."

Velocity Global's new M&A division will help companies capitalize on international growth opportunities with a seamless way to hire and integrate employees where no entities exist, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance with local labor laws.

About Velocity Global:
Velocity Global is the leading global employment solutions provider that has reinvented the
way companies expand overseas. With unparalleled expertise in over 185 countries,
Velocity Global delivers best-in-class service and innovative solutions that enable
companies to feel confident breaking into new markets. Velocity Global's services include
International PEO, global recruiting, immigration, payroll, and consulting to help companies
achieve their global growth goals. Its International PEO solution gets companies into new
markets up to 90% faster while reducing the cost of global expansion by up to 60%.

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