Velocity Global Awarded 2016 Best Startup Experience

Velocity Global Awarded “2016 Best Startup Experience”

19 August 2016

Denver, CO (August 19, 2016) - We are honored to announce that on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 Startup Colorado awarded Velocity Global “2016 Best Startup Experience”

The award was presented as follows: “We want to honor a company that provided a really awesome intern experience. Nominate your company/ supervisor if they went above and beyond to give you a great internship experience”

Our summer intern, Drew Brown, nominated Rob Crabtree, Director of Operations at Velocity Global, for providing just that, the best intern experience.

Here is an excerpt from Drew's nomination:

“Rob brought me on originally as a Global Accounts intern, a position demanding research, computer and database familiarity, and relative international business know-how. However, when the finance team needed a new employee, and Rob recalled that I was an applied mathematics major, he put me to the best use of the company by bringing me onto the finance platform, also giving me invaluable experience with international payroll facilitation. Then, I even was suggested to assist our marketing manager working on web design and development! Who could ask for a more comprehensive internship?! I am currently operating in multiple capacities for our Operations, Finance, and Marketing teams and I couldn't ask for a better learning experience!”

At Velocity Global we pride our collaborative workspace and friendly, hardworking atmosphere. Each and every one of our employees helps to make a difference in our company. This is something we acknowledge and pride tremendously. To learn more about what we do and to meet our team, visit our website.

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