One Centralized Solution

Compliantly pay teams everywhere

Our Multi-Country Payroll solution gives you a single source of truth for managing global pay across all your business’s legal entities around the world. Facilitate your global expansion with one easy-to-use platform—pay talent accurately and on time in over 185 countries.

Streamlined process

With our streamlined global pay process, we eliminate common global pay errors to reliably pay your talent on time.

All-inclusive rates

Our simple, all-inclusive rates already factor in locally mandated payroll taxes and contributions, making it easy for you to stay compliant as you plan for the future.

Statutory benefit enrollment

From pensions to social security, our experts enroll your people in the appropriate mandatory social benefits wherever they work and live.

Adaptable payment methods

Whether you want to pay by ACH or wire, our flexible solution lets you choose the method that makes sense for your business and your talent.

Time and expense management

Our integrated platform helps you centralize all of your global talent’s time and expenses.

Unmatched customer support

Our international payroll experts guide you through the ins and outs of global regulations and employment laws, and local support is always on call when and where you need it.

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting and analytics help you manage your global operations with accurate payroll metrics.

Easy documentation

Instantly generated payslips and documentation helps streamline your payroll process and eliminate errors.

Employee Cost Calculator

Accurately budget payroll costs for your global team

Get reliable insights into employee costs and country-specific contributions so you can expand your global workforce compliantly and with confidence.

Request a Quote for Your Global Team

Please fill out your contact information and hiring details, and an expert from our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Request a Quote for Your Global Team

Please fill out your contact information and hiring details, and an expert from our team will be in touch with you shortly.


World-class expertise powering effortless global pay

You want to work with teams everywhere. We want to make it as effortless as possible. With our Multi-Country Payroll solution, you can automatically access world-class expertise to take the pain and risk out of very complex global payroll operations.

Integrations remove bottlenecks

Our platform integrates with your existing HRIS, payroll, and management systems to stay on top of your talent’s pay, taxes, and benefits in real time.

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Comprehensive calculations

We process your workforce data, using expert insights on local tax laws and regulations to calculate and manage payments, taxes, and deductions for your global talent. 

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We pay all of your people

Our solution accurately and automatically pays your talent in local currency—on time, every time in over 185 countries.

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Payroll you can grow with—payment your people can count on

Scale with confidence anywhere in the world, knowing that your people will be paid without mistakes or delays. See how we can give your business the speed and compliance to go farther.

Time and money savings

By combining your global payroll management with one solution, you can remove the fuss from paying your people everywhere on time.


Payment your teams can trust

Avoid the mix-ups and delays. Our Multi-Country Payroll solution ensures your global team members can always count on their pay to arrive accurately and right on time.


Complete payroll compliance

Access expert guidance on global payroll regulations. As an Employer of record (EOR), we know how to handle all the necessary documents, payroll deductions, taxes, and contributions to reduce risk and ensure compliance with local legislation for every employee in over 185 countries.

Customer Testimonials
  • Consensys Logo

    Partnering with Velocity Global has also taken the heavy burden off compliance by ensuring that local taxes, registrations, and everything is taken care of.

    Mansi Narang, Senior People Partner

  • Glaukos Logo

    There’s no comparison to the customer service that I receive from Mike [Client Account Manager, Velocity Global]. He’s a one-stop shop for everything we need, whether it’s an invoice question, supported employee relations issue, or anything else that comes up.

    Jade Orzol, Director of HR

  • Anuvu logo

    Velocity Global made what could’ve been very difficult much easier for us. Its in-country knowledge and constant communication provide our international employees with support that we don’t have the expertise to provide in-house.

    Michelle Taylor, Senior Director, People Services

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  • Do I need to have foreign legal entities to use Multi-Country Payroll?

    Our Multi-Country Payroll solution is designed to be used by organizations with established legal entities in other countries. If you don’t already have foreign legal entities and don’t plan to establish them, our EOR solution makes it simple to compliantly hire employees, manage payroll, and build your global dream team.

  • What are the benefits of using Multi-Country Payroll?

    The benefits of using Multi-Country Payroll include: reduced legal risk through compliant payroll in any country; more accurate calculations leading to fewer costly payroll reruns; time and effort savings from automated global payments; and integrated time and attendance tracking that streamlines HR tasks into one easy workflow.

    In total, these benefits help you and your business stay compliant, consistent, and efficient in paying international talent while leveraging a comprehensive global payroll solution.

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