Easily onboard and pay global contractors

Velocity Global integrates Contractor Payments to its Global Work Platform™

17 February 2022

DENVER, February 17, 2022 —

Contractor solution helps companies work with anyone, anywhere, anyhow

  • Increased demand for a simple hiring solution as number of independent workers wanting to work from anywhere is on the rise
  • Velocity Global makes hiring and managing contractors easy with consolidated invoicing, automated, seamless payments, and locally compliant contracts
  • Manage all talent in one place, including contractors and employees

Velocity Global, the leading provider of global talent solutions, today announced the integration of its Contractor Payments solution into its Global Work Platform™ as the latest solution for businesses and talent to work with anyone, anywhere, anyhow.

“Contractor management and payments are traditionally a cluttered time-suck for both businesses and talent, but now the Velocity Global platform removes this friction,” said Eric Schroeder, Velocity Global chief operating officer. “In today’s virtual workplace, companies want to engage the best talent in any country, which adds more complexity. Our platform simplifies the process from onboarding to payments for contractors around the world. This now creates one single location for managers and talent to connect, contractors and employees alike, freeing them to focus on the task at hand—delivering results.”


Businesses are increasingly turning to independent workers, a rising classification of knowledge workers. The number of full-time, part-time, and occasional independent workers in the U.S. increased by 34% over just two years to 51.1 million in 2021, according to the State of Independence in America survey, and spending by businesses on contingent talent rose by 23%.

“We are in a new era of work in which talent takes more control over their time, location, and how they choose to engage with their employers,” said Schroeder. “With this shift in talent comes a shift in investment from businesses to meet talent where it is. The world of work is changing quickly and we offer all of the tools for businesses and talent to engage with each other in a single, accessible platform.”

Currently, most contractors face archaic onboarding processes and payment confusion, while companies face the administrative complexity of managing a distributed workforce. Velocity Global’s new Contractor Payments solution provides locally compliant contracts, consolidated invoicing, automated and seamless payments, and mobile access to solve these issues for both sides.

Velocity Global’s Contractor Payments solution is now available in the company's Global Work Platform™. 

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