Velocity Global Adds Recruiting to its Suite of Global Employment Solutions

08 November 2017

DENVER, CO – November 8, 2017 - Velocity Global LLC, the largest and fastest growing global employment solutions provider, announced today the launch of its new Global Recruiting service line. This is the latest offering in the company’s comprehensive suite of global employment solutions, supporting businesses’ expansion into new markets faster than ever before. With capabilities in over 185 countries, companies will now be able to hire the right people at the right time practically anywhere in the world.

Velocity Global’s recruiting service provides a high-touch, single-vendor candidate sourcing model along with direct local recruiting support. The customizable recruiting solution includes in-depth market analysis, hands-on interview support, candidate testing, background checks, and employee onboarding to ensure businesses secure top-tier talent regardless of location.

“Velocity Global has changed the way companies employ overseas through our revolutionary International PEO model and we are now changing the way companies recruit across the globe. I'm thrilled to finally solve this vexing problem for companies; one point of contact for sourcing talent on any continent is long overdue,” said Ben Wright, CEO of Velocity Global.

The launch of Velocity Global’s recruitment solution comes at a critical time when businesses are increasingly focused on remaining competitive in the global marketplace.

“With the addition of Global Recruiting, Velocity Global is now positioned to provide the full stack of international expansion solutions, beginning with any company’s most valuable assets – sourcing human capital,” said Rob Crabtree, Vice President of Operations at Velocity Global. “We believe that by leveraging our international experience and truly global footprint, Velocity Global provides tremendous practical value through its complementary service offerings to any company seeking to enter a new market.”

Recognized both nationally and internationally as industry experts, Velocity Global is cutting through traditional red-tape and paving the way for businesses to find high-quality talent on a worldwide stage.

For more information on how Velocity Global can support your global employment needs, please call (303) 309-2894.

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Velocity Global is the leading global employment solutions provider that has reinvented the way companies expand overseas. With unparalleled expertise in over 185 countries, Velocity Global delivers best-in-class service and innovative solutions that enable companies to feel confident breaking into new markets. Velocity Global’s services include International PEO, also known as Global Employer of Record, Global recruiting, Immigration, payroll, and consulting to help companies achieve their global growth goals. Its International PEO solution gets companies into new markets up to 90% faster while reducing the cost of global expansion by up to 60%. Companies trust Velocity Global to ensure a compliant, efficient, and flexible global expansion.

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